Trends on Married At First Sight

03/18 21:31
Is Pastor Cal really trying to make him stay? #MarriedAtFirstSight
03/18 05:22
Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit on Dr John's bullshit. YOU'RE the one who shove these 2 nut bags together in the first place, YOU put us through this! #MAFS
03/12 02:23
Lindsay is a complete jerk. Sorry excuse for a friend.#MarriedAtFirstSight
03/12 01:04
Lindsey you are full of #MarriedAtFirstSight
03/11 20:29
Me getting breakfast delivered but getting out of bed to eat it at the table... #MAFS
03/08 05:23
Trish is definitely a voyeur #mafs
03/04 23:10
Oh ffs tantric yoga for these two? #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight
03/03 05:01
‘Will you hang out with your housemate without me?’ #MAFS
02/26 08:22
Ughhh David, the toothbrush in the toilet really???!!! What a fcking feral #mafs #MAFSAU
02/25 06:40
Vanessa asking Hayley for advice and Hayley using this time to complain about David #MAFS
02/24 04:42
#MAFS I'm starting to see why Connies had trouble adapting to relationships.
02/23 06:01
Yes Tash, what did you do to try and make things work?? Tash is such a bullshit artist #MAFSAU #MAFS
02/23 06:01
Amanda telling Hayley to Shut the F*** up made my night 👏🏽👏🏽 #MAFS #MAFSAustralia
02/23 05:02
#MAFS #MAFSAU Oh god imaging having to read the letter you wrote out loud to the class
02/18 04:21
The MAFS producers after they found out the experts paired a vegan with a wog #mafs #MAFSAU
02/12 03:41
"The Experts" waiting for the Dinner Party like... #MAFSAU #MAFS
02/11 05:21
I haven't seen a kiss THIS highly anticipated since The Office 😮 #MAFS
02/11 04:41
Imagine spending $400 on cargo pants #MAFS
01/16 03:43
01/16 03:43