Trends on Teen Mom OG

04/27 23:42
loving Taylor’s energy here. he is compensating for all the years people SHOULD have been telling jEn n LaRrrRRRy to stfu #TeenMomOG #TeenMomOGreunion
04/27 23:42
Taylor: that’s not a place I feel comfortable to send our son Me: #TeenMomOG
04/27 23:41
When Taylor said “that’s not a safe place to send OUR son” about not feeling comfortable to have Bentley around Ryan #TeenMomOG #TeenMomOGreunion
04/27 22:05
Can @DouthitKenzie get through to Josh? 💔 #TeenMomOG
04/27 21:26
She said Gary and Kristina could “help a bit more”? Ummmmm...#TeenMomOG
04/27 21:25
#TeenMomOG #TeenMomOGreunion #TeenMom Me watching Amber insinuate that Gary still wants her romantically...😂
04/27 20:43
Amber is jealous of the relationship Leah has with Kristina. #TeenMomOG
04/27 20:43
Did Larry just ask Taylor where he was for the first 3 years of Bentley's life?! #TeenMomOG
04/27 20:43
Aww Mackenzie’s Dad saying he still texts and calls his wife 😭 #TeenMomOG
04/20 22:13
Love that Leah and Bentley are finally at the age where they realize their parents are raggedy. #TeenMomOG #TeenMom
04/20 22:13
Mack low key really doesn’t want dum dum to have a relationship with Bentley, because that means he would have more of a connection with Maci.. 😏 #teenmomog #Jealous #insecure #Shedontwanthim
04/20 20:51
“I think Gary and Christina could do a lot more” 🤔 like offer to put a trailer on their land so u save money, have ppl around u and be near ur kid butttt u said no #TeenMomOG
03/16 22:07
I can’t wait until the day Maci explodes... I’ll be here for it #TeenMomOG
03/16 20:46
Tyler : thank god we don’t have to talk about politics anymore The world : #TeenMomOG
03/02 21:27
ryder wiping away cheyenne’s tears OMG #teenmomOG
02/02 20:21
Love @itskcheyenne shirts she wears to send a message! A girl with brains and a caring soul versus a guy sitting there bullshitin in a maga hat!!! #TeenMomOG
06/09 20:42
Mtv pulls off the biggest catfish of all time #mtv #TeenMomOG
05/26 22:02
Cheyenne helping with the baby reveal of her baby daddy's girlfriend.... we love to see it. #TeenMomOG
05/26 22:02
04/21 21:02
Andrew lying he has seen that side of amber... when he met her on marriage bootcamp family edition..#TeenMomOG