Trends on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

06/02 22:22
But how are you going to leave me without Zari 1.0, Charlie and Sara in one episode? Do you want me to sue you? @ LoTWritersRoom #LegendsOfTomorrow
05/26 23:22
05/26 23:02
#LegendsOfTomorrow Mick she's your daughter.. Mick:
05/26 21:44
Sleepwalking into Nate's bed. Zari has it BAD for Citizen Steel #LegendsOfTomorrow
05/26 21:24
Can we appreciate the way John just roasted this zombies head #LegendsofTomorrow
05/26 21:23
.@WizardWorld This is me waiting for you to announce a Virtual Con that has @MattRyanReal...... #Constantine #LegendsOfTomorrow
05/26 21:23
Behrad: your parents can’t keep you here. You’re a diva! Astra: what is a diva? Behrad: A diva is a female version of a hustler. Lmao #LegendsOfTomorrow
05/26 21:23
OMG! Constantine looks hot as a Downtown Abbey character! 😂😂🔥💕 #LegendsOfTomorrow x
05/13 01:02
𝚠𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚜 💘 #avalance by the way Ava looked stunning in that outfit 🥰 #legendsoftomorrow
04/28 22:23
So excited to see more of @liviaswann as Astra Logue tomorrow 😈😈 #LegendsOfTomorrow
03/18 01:22
We have all been Nora #LegendsOfTomorrow
03/18 01:22
Leave it to #LegendsOfTomorrow for making me tear over two men saying “I love you” in such a platonic way. Love between friends deserves as much attention as romantic love. I’m going to miss seeing the Ray/Nate friendship on my screen!
03/17 22:25
Now I have to wait at least 3 weeks to find out sara's power. I was really looking forward to the next eps. Now I'm very sad @caitylotz #LegendsOfTomorrow
03/17 22:06
#LegendsOfTomorrow 5x07 “Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness” is now live!
03/17 21:46
03/17 21:26
Sara: [bad english accent] enjoy jolly old english ya blokes Constantine and Charlie: #LegendsOfTomorrow #demlegends
03/17 21:26
the book club 💙 @jesmacallan @caitylotz @talaashe @_CourtneyFord_ #LegendsOfTomorrow
03/17 21:05
03/11 01:42
Damien really said “Brexit” when he flung Constantine. #LegendsOfTomorrow
03/10 21:29