Trends on Live Rescue

01/15 23:43
So in Savannah they are not stuck in a elevator, they are stuck on a street corner. 😂😂 #LiveRescue #LiveRescueNation
01/15 21:44
01/01 23:24
@IAFF574 Savannah folks know they take the chance in an elevator.....😂 #LiveRescue
12/04 22:05
How many people does it take to cut a fence #liverescue #Liverescuenation. @mattiseman @danflynn @garonmosby
11/14 00:24
Just wanted to update the plane crash in San Bernardino on #LiveRescue, @Chief_Serrano and @SBCOUNTYFIRE continued the search and believe that the survivor was the only one on board. He seems to be in stable condition. Amazing work in SB tonight!
11/13 22:05
Omg this process of trapping this gator is making me tired. #LiveRescue #LiveRescueNation
10/30 21:45
This captain on the snake call #LiveRescue @LiveRescueFans
10/10 22:04
#LiveRescue Ray says...I could have caught that cat!
10/02 22:45
03/09 22:01
Pizza cardboard in the oven. Lesson learned fast. #liverescue #liverescuenation.
02/17 21:43
Visitors this evening at South Side Fire House! I think @mattiseman has something to do with this! Tune in this evening at 9 PM ET on @AETV to watch #LiveRescue🔥
01/27 22:40
#LiveRescue I think all states should have mandatory helmet law!
01/20 22:00
If at any point during your exam you are asked, how long have you had maggots in your wound, well, the answer always is too long. #LIVERESCUE #LoseTheLeg
12/09 21:23
How do you mistake a skunk for a house fire ???? #LiveRescue
10/21 23:03
People over pets has to hurt these firefighter hearts. My dad was a firefighter and I never asked him about it. He would do EXACTLY what this fireman did. People over pets. God bless all firefighters, animals, and people. Pray for their safety. #LiveRescue #,LiveRescueNation
10/21 23:03
God bless all as night falls on San Bernardino California. My heart is with you . God bless our HEROES who are fighting this fire and I know they dont think they are heroes but YOU TRULY ARE OUR HEROES. #LiveRescue #,LiveRescueNation
10/21 22:03
The neighbor has the dogs. @SBCOUNTYFIRE #LiveRescue
10/14 21:46
This lady is six months pregnant. That's a damn shame #LiveRescue
08/01 22:05
How do you not know who the Stooges are? This generation is going in the toilet. #LiveRescue #LiveRescueNation #LivePD #LivePDNation
06/17 21:23
Just turned to #LiveRescue and the first thing I see is “Search for severed toes”.