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12/02 23:23
12/02 23:23
12/02 23:23
Well damn! They were quick in making that decision!!! I guess congratulations are in order!!! #TerreHaute #LivePd #LivePDNation
06/20 23:20
@GabrielSlaybau1 This is all so sad😢😢 will miss all you amazing LEOs and #LivePd departments. Stay say and stay healthy.
06/13 00:20
Today's Friday and in support of all our brave men and women in uniform out there making ALL of us safe, I'm watching a taped #LivePD taped episode at 9:00pm! #LivePDCancelled #LivePDFamily #LivePDNation #BoycottAETV
06/12 21:20
@SteelCity_Burg @Staceson54 @StevenCGann @CrystalDelaine1 @CrazycatSocks @MandyLaine @RavenEyz @TheRealCandiM82 @PetCzar @princezzjackie @shellbelle1022 @LanaBenton100 @droolbuckets13 @abschmutz @OfficiallyPatty Love you all- please let’s still get together on Fridays!! Sendings positive vibes and prayers for a wonderful weekend! Stay safe Twitter Family!! #LivePDNation #LivePDFamily #LivePD💙💔
06/12 01:23
06/12 00:42
@LIVEPD @danabrams was our favorite show that the entire family could enjoy. I am extremely disappointed at this weak ass move from another huge network. Stand up for what you feel is right no matter what side. #LivePDNation #cancelAETV #LivePDCancelled
06/11 22:23
Paw patrol Blue Bloods COPS LivePD Police legos Cracker Barrel Defund the police Giving money to BLM Releasing prisoners Not prosecuting rioters, looters and arsonists Allowing communists and criminals to occupy part of a U.S. city Are you tired of the insanity yet??
06/11 20:42
Cops Is One Thing, But Damn They Took Off Live PD Too!! #LivePD #WednesdayThoughts
06/11 20:42
how stupid, cancel your #1 show. i hope the loss of $$$$$ bites your asses @AETV, well i won't be watching a&e again, and thousands of others won't either. sucks for @danabrams @Sean_C_Larkin @TomMorrisJr1 @OfficialLivePD #LivePD #livepdnation
06/11 18:02
@danabrams Extremely disappointed to see #LivePD cancelled. This wasn’t just a highly rated “Cop Show.” This show gave an insight to Law Enforcement like no other before it. I hope it does return one day. #LivePDNation #LivePDCancelled 🇺🇸
06/11 15:42
@danabrams Dan, Tom and Sticks: you are simply the best! #LivePD #LivePDNation
06/11 14:22
@Rioja95 @danabrams @CNN @FoxNews Actually, that’s not what LivePD was about. But stick with the false narrative that fits your agenda...and screw facts.
06/11 04:21
@Sean_C_Larkin Thank you @Sean_C_Larkin @danabrams @TomMorrisJr1 and all officers for your service. The best 2 years of me being a #LivePD fan. Many blessings to you all. Please stay safe. I know @OfficialLivePD will return. #BELIEVETHAT @CurleyWpd @officer_jill @MikeMuscutt @Devildog683
06/11 02:02
Found out Live PD has been canceled. Feels like I've been grounded for something my sister did. #ThankYou #LivePD #LivePDNation
06/05 21:40
Wait why the fuck is there no #livepd tonight? #livepdnation
06/01 21:03
Good night everyone! Don't be like Tulsa. See ya in June! #LivePD
05/24 00:20
She's going to be real helpful in getting him a ride to the shower down at the county jail! 😂 😂 😂 #LivePD #LivePDNation
05/24 00:01
What the fuck are these people doing? Nobody is wearing a mask and there’s way more than 10 people definitely not social distancing #LivePD