Trends on Game Of Thrones

12/11 17:24
Matt Smith will be playing Daemon Targaryen on #GameOfThrones #HouseofTheDragon
12/11 17:04
Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, and Emma D’Arcy to star in HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’ Smith will play King Viserys’ brother Prince Daemon Targaryen, with D’Arcy as dragonrider Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Viserys’ daughter #HouseoftheDragon #GameOfThrones #GOT
12/03 16:04
@GameOfThrones Other Dany mistakes: -Not letting everyone rest -Not taking Arya with them -Not letting Jon fly the other dragon -Not asking Bran for advice -Thinking Cersei would just roll over -Not asking Jon Snow to call her Auntie D
09/10 16:45
Rest in peace, Dame Diana Rigg. #DianaRigg #GameOfThrones
09/10 15:25
One of my favorite scenes from @GameOfThrones. RIP Diana Riggs #queenofthorns
08/17 13:22
@Arsenal @ThierryHenry @GameOfThrones ... and just like that, Game of Thrones' Twitter notifications tab are full of Arsenal fans saying "Announce Auba"... Announce Auba !
05/19 20:04
Seeing #GameOfThrones dominate the discourse this much even year after it was over is great. It shows that it was the most iconic show. Including the iconic hysteria around last season, that will never happen again, because people won't care about any other show that much.
02/02 22:20
At least Arya is alive #ThronesYall #GameofThrones
01/19 22:01
Rally the realm. Congratulations to Peter Dinklage who has won “Oustanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series" at this year's #SAGAwards for #GameofThrones
12/21 17:04
@GameOfThrones Remember how the earlier seasons looked colder up North than it did when winter actually arrived? I guess winter kind of forgot to come?
12/21 14:45
Me after #GameofThrones Season 8: I'M NEVER GETTING MY HOPES UP FOR A GOOD SHOW AGAIN Me watching all the trailers for #Witcher:
12/21 12:45
@GameOfThrones I hope that season 8 remake is coming ...
12/09 12:22
@HBO @GameOfThrones I wish Kit all best but what about Alfie Allen? He had the best performance of almost all actors in GoT and has not ONE win
12/02 14:04
@GameOfThrones @HBO @GRRMspeaking I still haven't forgotten how you turned the main targaryen into a cartoon villain for some bells... still mad about that but this is better than the prequel of the racist northerners
12/02 14:03
@GameOfThrones The house of backstabbing, two faced lying cousins. Daenerys was resurrected by Kinvara and the first think she did was reduce Winterfell to a pile of debris. Killing that lemoncake monster Bran is next, so was Tyrion. But she ended up ruling with Jon.
12/02 14:03
@JonDanyTarg @celinde_louisa @Stew_Pac13 @GameOfThrones Ned Stark must be disappointed in them right now
10/30 03:41
Me: “It’s my four year anniversary at @THR!” HBO: *cancels #GameOfThrones prequel* Me: *writes opinion piece saying maybe it’s time to chill out on GoT for a minute* HBO: *orders separate GoT prequel straight to series* Me:
10/25 17:46
10/25 17:07
@Camila_Cabello @GameOfThrones You really went
09/23 02:23
Sophie Turner was us watching #GameofThrones win best drama series at the #Emmys. 😭