Trends on General Hospital

05/14 15:47
Maxie is such a brat. #GH
05/13 18:05
Does Carly have to be involved in every storyline SMH Cant we just have a break from the character and Peter for 8 weeks smh #GH
05/13 18:05
Love that Anna ask Jason if he needs anything and is concerned for him❤️ #Janna #GH
05/13 17:46
#GH Oh no don’t you hurt my Britt
05/13 17:25
14. Hawaii Water Gun (1,421 votes) Sam use a water gun on Jason. #JaSam #GH
05/12 12:24
Happy Birthday @lldubs hope you have a wonderful day! #GH 🎊🎉🥳
05/05 11:43
The gorgeous 😍 Kelly Monaco as Samantha McCall 😍 🖤👑 #Sante #AllInForWhatever 🖤🤍😎😊👏 #GH @GeneralHospital #SamMcCall #DanteFalconeri No hate! It won't be tolerated! 💯
05/04 16:45
Cameron is doing all of this over Franco. #GH
05/04 16:44
Seriously tho, Anna introducing herself to Cyrus was something I never saw coming. I think I have to toss whatever expectations I have of how i want this story to go right out the window. #gh
05/04 15:25
So all of a sudden they are trying push this flimsy connection between Cam and Josh? #GH
04/28 15:45
1.4 was a day of #Jarly, Jordan/Portia, Curtis/Cam, Taggert/Trina, Finn, Anna, Cyrus/Laura/Martin and Juilliard telling Liz he wanted to take responsibility for Franco’s death! Read the room Frank! #GH
04/28 11:43
Any Becky Herbst fans who are interested in getting in on her birthday donation and/or flowers this year, please send me a DM. 💐 🎁 DM's are open. #GH #Friz #LL2 #Liason #Liric #LakeGH #Niz #RebeccaHerbst 💕
04/27 20:04
I am going to write a book called "101 Ways to Improve #GH" and each page is just be a variation of "Kill Peter".
04/27 16:24
@socorros1765 Anna Devane. I’ve loved four of her pairings. Don’t ask me to rank them though! Ha! #DnA #RnA #AnD #FAnna #GH 💕💕
04/27 16:04
we need more Dante, Brook Lynn and Chase scenes 🔥 #GH
04/22 14:29
Nina's going to stay. Smike's flashing her the dimples. #GH
04/22 14:29
@WubsNet @SoapJenn Love Finn: I'm a doctor. I know how to kill someone a 1,000 different ways.....Do it, Finn, do it (after saving Chase first, of course!). #GH
04/20 14:46
That’s right Nikolas. Don’t let that she beast come in your house and run things! #GH.
04/15 15:49
#GH Michael & Willow
04/13 17:46
"Michael, stop. Just stop." #GH @GeneralHospital @duelly87 @katey_macmullen