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01/20 22:40
Time to press play, Fillorians! #TheMagicians rewatch continues RIGHT! NOW! with Episodes 503 AND 504 Join High Queen Fen @BrittanyCurran, Mistress of the Hedges @JadeTailor, & your fellow fans for a little fandom fellowship. It's #MagicAndChill
04/02 02:42
I hate when Eliot gets hurt. He’s been through enough leave him alone! #TheMagicians
04/02 02:02
Seeing people upset about Margo and Eliot ending up on separate worlds (for now). This season was about learning to love yourself and who you are as your own person. They’ll be reunited again someday and their friendship will be as strong as ever, promise ❤️ #TheMagicians
04/01 23:40
I'm rewriting the end so that the clock is a door to New Fillory and Elliot and Margot are back together. #TheMagicians
04/01 23:21
04/01 23:21
04/01 23:21
I was fine watching #TheMagicians until Charlton told Elliot he was an emotionally available man who knew him well and planned to stick around. And then the sobbing hit. If we’re never getting more, at least Elliot will be ok and loved.
04/01 23:01
04/01 22:41
04/01 22:41
"You're the addict who used to hang out with Quentin and Julia...How the blazes are you still alive after all this time?" Eliot has come so far 😭 #TheMagicians
04/01 22:40
“You can never fully control external circumstances.” Thank you for everything, Zelda ❤️ @Mageina #SaveTheMagicians #TheMagicians
04/01 22:21
Time for the finale of #TheMagicians but hoping someone will #SaveTheMagicians
04/01 22:20
Long time, no see, Santa. Catch this sleigh pull into the final episode of #TheMagicians, Wednesday at 10/9c on @SYFY.
03/26 00:40
As usual, @MagiciansSYFY dazzles with their finest musical numbers that leave us breathless and electrically charged! Bravo! #TheMagicians @SummerBishil1 @OliviaDudley @hale_appleman @KaceyKadoodles @Mageina @JadeTailor @TrevEinhorn @BrittanyCurran @johnthemcnamara @serathegamble
03/25 23:01
This week in sentences you never thought you'd hear Alice say 🤣🤣 #TheMagicians
03/25 22:20
We finally got to meet Marina's gf... and eh... Can you ever just be whelmed? #TheMagicians #SaveTheMagicians
03/11 23:40
Hades is playing “Untitled Goose Game” 😂 #TheMagicians #SaveTheMagicians
03/11 22:40
The Dark King sent Josh to the Takers' world with protection 🤔 #TheMagicians
02/26 23:41
Whoa. 🧟‍♂️ Summon the Dark King and his minions in an all-new episode of #TheMagicians, next Wednesday on @SYFY.
02/19 23:20
Like.... the Dark King is doing bad things....but we don't know why.. plus the heroes have been wrong how many times this season? I still ship them. like @hale_appleman and @sean_m_maguire have too much chemistry to deny them. #TheMagicians