Trends on RuPaul's Drag Race

05/26 21:06
Trying to figure out my fav on All Stars 5, whilst rooting for my fav in season 12, whilst supporting a new batch of celebrities each week on celeb #DragRace, whilst waiting for untucked to air
05/26 15:02
Kyle SONIQUE Love ♥ Servindo body, beleza, TUDO! #AllStars6 #DragRace
05/26 14:42
I don’t care what @RuPaul says on @RuPaulsDragRace I have already CROWNED MY WINNER @the_symonee #DragRace #RuPaulsDragRace #VH1 #BKM🤴🏽#TRKD🤴🏽 #KingDuVs🤴🏽
05/26 14:23
Stellar cast for RuPaul’s #DragRace #AllStars6 ⭐️. Only love for the contestants but I'm rooting for: • Ginger Minj • Jiggly Caliente • Pandora Boxx • Sonique • Trinity K. Bonet • Yara Sofia
05/26 14:22
Finally watching the #DragRace reunion. We need to talk about how Scarlett Envy should have never went home in the first place. and why Silky made top 4 over Vanjie.
05/26 14:02
The question is: who’s that house where Jan record that Call Me Mother Kris Jenner Jantasy #DragRace
05/26 13:43
05/26 13:02
Me: “I need a break from #DragRace”. *S12 Cast RuVeal is happening* Also me:
05/12 14:43
04/24 21:41
I just won $100. Symone won #DragRace last night. So, am I pushing my luck, or is Promising Young Woman sweeping the #Oscars tomorrow?
04/24 08:42
If it wasn't for Rosè's ankle pain, she would've ate the lip sync. #DragRace #TeamRose
04/24 08:42
I think my expectations on a finale lipsynch are way too high since this #dragrace
04/24 04:44
Thank gawd Kandy Muse is off my tv screen now. #DragRace
04/24 01:44
I was quite surprised when Crystal Methyd didn’t lip sync to anything by El DeBarge. #DragRace
04/23 22:13
Actual footage of RuPaul’s opening lip sync. #DragRace
04/23 22:12
I love GOTTMIK but please don’t ever say she topped violet chachkis look . I’ve seen that look once and I’ve not ran to replay it like I did violets . So give it a rest white fags #DragRace
04/23 21:29
Congratulations @MissLaLaRi Very well deserved Miss Congeniality win #DragRace
04/23 21:09
One more interview, a Miss Congenialty crowning and the lipsync smackdown. Half of me is excited for the performances and the other half of me is just excited to get Season 13 over with. #DragRace #RuPaulsDragRace
04/23 21:08
completely in my feelings with this chi chi tribute, the hole she left in the world will never be filled #DragRace
04/23 21:07
If I had a dollar for every Rose’s brother tweets I’m about to see 🤣🤣 #DragRace