Trends on Dateline NBC

06/11 23:20
Toby been ugly all his life. #Dateline
06/11 22:40
WHY do so many dumbass redneck murderers go to freaking WALMART the morning of their murdering and buy murdering gear?? Like that’s not suspicious? Plus there are SO MANY CAMERAS there!! #Dateline
06/04 23:20
@JolieC @WeezielouQueen @kimster_giggles @The_Blck_Sheep @RealityDoc @RoseBacardi @iminfectious @ClubDie @ZaharaMossman @katiethehuman99 @Inquiringmind61 @MTopkat3852 @777GeauxJen @LegalAdvocateAF Hellloooooo, #dateline fam! Katie and her mama are beautiful. 😢
05/28 23:20
Chuck knew how to work that paper work #Dateline
05/28 23:20
#Dateline Martha Ann, your southern accent and sensible haircut aren’t getting you out of this.
05/28 22:21
honestly i know this was a major plot point and everything. but i do NOT like martha ann's short hair #dateline
05/28 22:21
They was posing him like some kinda doll! Chuck an Martha Ann are straight Sickos! #Dateline
05/21 23:21
I hope she didn’t pay too much for that lawyer #Dateline
05/21 23:20
This defense attorney is like “I have a theory but I don’t want to share it”..... ok buddy #Dateline
05/21 23:20
There's something very "Rat Pack-y" vintage about the personal injury attorney. Tanned, perfect teeth, million dollar smile, the seductive voice, the Fedora... reminds me of men in the movies when I was a child. #Dateline
05/21 23:20
Liz I can’t spell! Where is spell check? #dateline
05/21 23:20
The criminals were cleaning Matt's house like.. #Dateline
05/14 23:21
Now Mark looks exactly like his attorney!! The dude is a chameleon!! 🦎 #Dateline
05/14 23:20
Mark had a case of the bubble guts when he was talking to Monica in the hospital. 😆😂🤣#Dateline
05/08 22:21
Rick....get tf out of SC. #Dateline
05/08 22:21
I don’t think it was Bambi or bad boy bf. Too easy and too soon.. #Dateline
05/07 23:20
I’m still side-eyeing her azz for not doing/saying shit after Renee told her Michael would kill her. #Dateline
05/07 23:01
“They both wanted me” sure Mike cause you’re such a catch. #Dateline
04/30 23:21
The years were not kind to Kelly #Dateline
04/30 23:21
Did we ever find out where Tucker found this .38 floating around?#Dateline