Trends on Dateline NBC

03/04 23:21
Ummm Tammy?.....You pregnant? #Dateline
02/26 23:40
She gave up being an actress for a CULT and CULT Leader ???? o yea u real SMART #Dateline
02/26 23:40
"We wanted to be part of a kick a-- organization where women were really committed to make a difference in the world. That was the price of entry, you know?" Danielle Roberts on joining what she calls a "women's empowerment" group within NXIVM. #Dateline
02/26 23:21
Where Nicki work? I don’t want that crazy bitch pouring my coffee. #Dateline
02/26 23:02
I’m no doctor...but if anyone asks me to brand them, imma say FUCK NO!! #Dateline
02/25 23:23
Riley looks like he gained that freshman 15 #Dateline
02/19 23:21
Your story has to match Tom. #Dateline
02/19 22:40
If someone is in a rush to pay my life insurance premium........ #Dateline
02/18 23:02
Ol’ Tommy boy’s hair is giving me flashbacks to my wilder, long-haired days. Who wore it better? 😂 #Dateline
02/12 23:21
Scott trying to blame the victims #Dateline
02/12 22:21
Michael to the Stevenville Police..... #Dateline
02/05 23:20
Sherra’s only “talent” was being ridden more than Seabiscuit. #Dateline
01/29 23:20
Lori's damn giddy right now #Dateline
01/29 23:20
Lois just casually walking out as if she's on vacation after murdering Pamela. #Dateline
01/29 21:41
If anyone gives me any stuffed animals that are kissing, we are no longer friends. #Dateline
01/29 21:41
#Dateline I find the kissing monkeys troublesome.
01/28 23:22
@JoshMankiewicz not letting campus police off easy and I am here for it! #Dateline
01/28 22:42
"Hm. I need to come up with a new identity so the police don't catch me. I better write that down on my to-do list so I don't forget." Who does that?? 😂 #Dateline
01/28 22:42
Campus police are good at giving parking tickets #Dateline
01/22 23:21
Wait, what?? Ron tripped and fell and all of a sudden, Nathan starts stabbing him? #Dateline