Trends on The Blacklist

02/26 21:40
Awe. He just wanted extraordinary regular-ness w/Anne. #TheBlacklist And then she lied so he wouldn't feel guilty.
02/26 21:40
Awh shoot, Liz is back next week! #TheBlacklist
02/26 21:21
Even Red gets put in his place every now and then. Especially when Harold is at the Helm! #TheBlacklist @BlacklistRoom
02/26 21:20
I was just getting used to Senator Cooper too 😢. But great to see Cooper staying true to character. 👊#TheBlacklist @BlacklistRoom
02/19 21:20
@JS_1974_ @AmirArison @NBCBlacklist Aram be a #BADASS with the brain! #TheBlacklist
02/12 22:01
What a beautiful way to pay tribute to @SparkMiddleton Rest In Peace our beloved Jellybean ❤️ #TheBlacklist
02/12 22:01
@NBCBlacklist Every time he annoyed, frustrated or angered Red. 😂 Every scene with Clark and James was a hoot! We’ll miss him. #TheBlacklist
02/12 22:01
Cheers, Rest in peace Glen #TheBlacklist, never afraid In loving memory of @SparkMiddleton ✨ Thank you @NBCBlacklist @BlacklistRoom for this beautiful, moving and loving tribute🙏💞
02/12 21:21
FACT: Huey Lewis doesn't know who he's saying no to. #TheBlacklist
02/12 21:01 it safe to say Park still has anger issues? #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist
01/29 22:40
Ressler can't stay angry with her even when she nearly gets him killed. #Keenler #TheBlacklist
01/29 22:00
They’re trying to make us believe in between kidnapping and a slew of federal offenses that Liz is an engaged present parent to Agnes #TheBlacklist
01/29 21:40
Liked a lot how Marvin cares. Him feeling necessary to remind her of Red's love, almost begging Elizabeth to see. Really a powerful simple gesture from a friend. I hear you, Marvin. #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist @BlacklistRoom @JonBokenkamp
11/20 22:21
Right! 2020 is officially over! Let's move on. It's January 22 already? #TheBlacklist
11/20 21:21
Trying to manipulate Dembe. For shame. P.S.- Red didn't kill Tom, he got killed trying to protect your dumb ass. Much like Kaplan, and now Dom. P.S.S.- WHERE'S YOUR KID? #TheBlacklist
11/20 21:01
Do you think Dom will realize what’s happening before he lets something slip? #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist
05/15 20:20
We’ve done Blacklist comics in the past. We wanted to give the animated sections that spirit – like you’re watching a comic book come to life. #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist
05/08 20:40
Red and Al Roker. I love this pairing #TheBlacklist
05/01 20:40
Curious would you cast to play a brother of Aram @NBCBlacklist ?#TheBlacklist
03/27 21:21
I'm glad Reddington brought his piece 🔫. You can't trust nobody. #TheBlacklist