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04/23 22:04
This George Floyd special on @ABC2020 is heartbreaking. 😞 We all stumble in different ways, and by the grace of God don’t completely succumb to our missteps or struggles. Who are we to say doesn’t deserve basic human rights?
04/23 22:04
Don't miss this special about George Floyd’s life, death and legacy with exclusive interviews from the Floyd family TONIGHT. Watch at 9PM ET on @ABC2020. via @AttorneyCrump
02/19 23:20
Margaret Rudin’s attorney Greg Mullanex and I went back to the place in Vegas where Ron Rudin’s remains were found...see what he told me about the case on “Five Weddings and a Murder”, an ⁦@ABC2020⁩ special tonight at 9/8c on ABC #ABC2020
02/19 23:20
Thanks for watching tonight’s #abc2020 with us. Let us know whether or not you think Margaret Rudin deserves a new trial. West, you’re next!
02/05 23:20
@patsdumas I’m watching like this. I loved Anna Nicole. I remember about all of this. #ABC2020
12/04 23:21
#abc2020 Liz bout to do her best Amy texting
11/21 01:40
“Breonna Taylor’s name is attached to me for the rest of my life” yeah and it’ll be attached to you in hell too #abc2020 #BreonnaTaylor
11/21 01:40
from across the street using a telephoto lens the police see the ex boyfriend with a package and they automatically think its drugs...and not like an amazon package #abc2020 #BreonnaTaylor
11/20 23:20
Daniel Cameron really thought that he could just lie on the Grand Jury and get away with it #abc2020
10/15 22:24
When you just want to reach out and touch someone! 😠😡😡 Who watching @GStephanopoulos @ABC2020 is he working for the Harris/Biden campaign? 🤔
10/15 16:42
@ABC @JoeBiden @ABC2020 @GStephanopoulos @ABCNetwork @ABCNewsLive And @ABC really expects us to believe this crap 🤣 The only participants will be hard core @DNC plants / actors, the questions have all been chosen and to @JoeBiden campaign so they can load the answers into his teleprompter and he is rehearsing as I write this post
10/13 00:25
@ABC @ABC2020 Will you pretend they're undecided voters but are really supporters
09/17 01:26
Watching @ABC2020 @realDonaldTrump and the People special. When @GStephanopoulos asked a tough question to Trump it's like Hello, is this thing on? Glad they are calling out @ least some of his blatant lies #coward
09/16 03:02
@m633 @ABCPolitics @ABC2020 @ABC I'm thinking that you aren't accounting for: 1) limited use of HCQ + Zinc + Azithromycin 2) Governors of 5 states intentionally killing the elderly 3) established rates of death by age group Not to mention that the anti-maskers aren't contracting the virus... plandemic
09/16 01:44
@ABC @ABC2020 “i’ve done more for black people than any other president since lincoln”
09/16 01:04
@ABCPolitics @ABC2020 China... Vaccine... NY... Anything except answering the question
09/15 21:46
This girl is giving the strongest “really, bitch?” Face behind that mask! And I am here for it! #abc2020 #TrumpTownHall #TownHall
09/15 20:47
@ABC @ABC2020 @GStephanopoulos He’s full of lies. He has no plan. He never has had one. Neither him or the Republicans want to help Americans have healthcare. @realDonaldTrump did nothing and it has cost almost 200000 American lives. Anyone who thinks he cares about the health of Americans is being duped.
09/11 23:40
"In the last four years, more Ft. Hood soldiers have died by homicide than in battle." Man, WHAT?! #IAmVanessaGuillen #abc2020 😲🤬💔
09/11 23:40
@PunkLitigator @Markitan8dude @ABC2020 The person that killed her and perhaps the lack of effort by personnel at the Fort to find out what happened to her and the list of other soldiers ending up dead after reporting issues...those people said her life and the lives of other soldiers didn’t matter