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05/15 00:40
@DonnieWahlberg the best season finale of #BlueBloods it keeps getting better and better
05/14 23:40
hey Detective Reagan a.k.a @DonnieWahlberg will u be able to join us tonight for #BlueBloods if not thats okay 💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤
05/14 23:40
Watching @friendstv and it’s the one where Phoebe’s grandma dies and she finally meets her father. The fake name her dad tried to use? Joe Hill. @willhochman @BlueBloods_CBS (@DonnieWahlberg see how this show continues to intersect with yours?) 🤫🥸
05/14 23:00
Asked my mom if she wants to go get groceries. I get a reluctant I suppose! She’s like ya know it’s @BlueBloods_CBS Wednesday on @iontv ,Danny wouldn’t be happy we’re not watching! I said you mean @DonnieWahlberg she says no Danny Reagan you should know that! 🤦🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️🤣😆 Love her❤️
05/14 22:20
@DonnieWahlberg @BlueBloods_CBS seems like the season finale is going to be intense! 😬💙💗 #BlueBloods
05/14 22:02
@KaraStraitUp @DonnieWahlberg @CNoelBH4Ddub @lilmama7116 @lascala9903 @ElisaGoRaiders @DolphinMg @MaevaBlueBloods @naturenohurry91 @AngelaW20427503 @catlett_trisha @tW1sted_dWg1rl @lilmamapag @JaimeDonnieGirl @DonnieMaggie @DDUBGIRL69 @junebug61767 @SherrieFinch16A @ac2cnkotb @jennyraej1979 @cassie040683 @Ruth_A_Day @Bounlay2311 @ArchevalNancy @newnkotbgal @AndreaKnightB @SatinWashington @Asure76 @PetrinaJoyce @ShateBear @PairJean @4eva_nkotb @Susanalicious @ToughNKOTBfan @Ddubwifey89 @jmfnkotb1 @tammywalker2334 @4CherBear67 @TangnikaiA @erikaNKOTB @JordanyaScomich @nkotbsb98fan @brunel_nadege @Michigan_Yaller @AprilWagner19 @Nicole10967542 @CaroClou @IrishJones613 #BlueBloods hello Donnie and my bh fam
05/14 22:01
@BlueBloods_CBS So glad. This show is the best. Love the family values. Love the dinner table scenes and when the PC has conversations with Sid, Garrett and Abigail
05/14 21:41
@Brenda93424960 @sjmmrl @DonnieMaggie @DDUBGIRL69 @LisaStammitti @CNoelDdub4Life @lilmama7116 @NewGirlsontheB1 @naturenohurry91 @Kerrycb37 @JaimeDonnieGirl @mdelosangeles71 @MaevaBlueBloods @ElisaGoRaiders @jennyraej1979 @Bounlay2311 @lascala9903 @junebug61767 @TiffanyNKOTB @GisselleMolin13 @DolphinMg @TrishaCatlett1 @CNoelLovesDdub @Aleks_Polswka @KaraStraitUp @Ddubwifey89 @SherrieFinch16A @jennife00164134 @newnkotbgal @micheletoms8 @Renee_Houston06 @SatinWashington @DonnieWahlberg @Susanalicious @UniqueNatasha08 @ArchevalNancy @sianni_quinn @lovenkotb4life9 @ToughNKOTBfan @Marta87072796 @juskeepbreathn @Ruth_A_Day @shergiggles @MargaretTallma1 @JohnsGirl4Lyfe @brunel_nadege @DonnaMr1977 @tammywalker2334 @BlueBloods_CBS @cbstv I’m burning you have a good a good Friday and a good weekend to my sister love you
05/14 21:01
Blockheads are y’all ready for #bluebloods @DonnieWahlberg
05/14 21:01
Thank you @DonnieWahlberg for spending time and #SpreadLoveAndLoveWillSpread for #BlueBloods! I already can't wait for next week's new episode ❤💙
05/07 23:20
Gloating much, Anthony? 🤣 #BlueBloods
04/30 23:20
@JamkoThoughts Why do I always feel a bit giddy seeing Jamie’s wedding ring on his finger in full display? ☺️ Great thoughts in this article, btw! #BlueBloods #Jamko
04/18 00:42
@lilmama7116 @DonnieMaggie @naturenohurry91 @CNoelLovesDdub @DDUBGIRL69 @lascala9903 @Michele73857636 @sjmmrl @junebug61767 @JaimeDonnieGirl @ElisaGoRaiders @MaevaBlueBloods @Bounlay2311 @Kerrycb37 @Aleks_Polswka @GisselleMolin13 @jennyraej1979 @KaraStraitUp @DolphinMg @mdelosangeles71 @Jonsfriend4ever @Ddubwifey89 @SherrieFinch16A @NewGirlsontheB1 @TrishaCatlett1 @jennife00164134 @newnkotbgal @micheletoms8 @Renee_Houston06 @SatinWashington @DonnieWahlberg @Susanalicious @UniqueNatasha08 @ArchevalNancy @sianni_quinn @lovenkotb4life9 @ToughNKOTBfan @TiffanyNKOTB @Marta87072796 @juskeepbreathn @Ruth_A_Day @shergiggles @MargaretTallma1 @JohnsGirl4Lyfe @brunel_nadege @DonnaMr1977 @tammywalker2334 @BlueBloods_CBS @cbstv Love these two lol happy #weekend sisters
04/16 23:42
Erin when people do explosions after they fist bump. 😒 #BlueBloods
04/16 23:42
Somebody's gone after Baker... 😡😡🤬 #BlueBloods
04/16 23:41
Not me crying over Jack being at family dinner. 😭😭😭 he was willing to take the heat from everyone at that table for ERIN. I need a minute. #BlueBloods
04/16 23:21
I love the family dinner scenes!! What a great way to end the episode!! #BlueBloods
04/09 23:00
Oh Sid! “something good’s gotta come outta this!” My heart! #bluebloods
04/09 13:00
When you realize that there is a new episode of Blue Bloods for the third straight week. Happy #BlueBloods Friday to all. 💙
03/26 23:40
@DonnieWahlberg @BlueBloods_CBS Pretty good so far Donnie! I just hope nothing happens to Baez 😳 #BlueBloods