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05/05 02:23
@JimmyKimmelLive @Anitta Thank you for that moment, dear Jimmy Kimmel. Brazil is very happy and fulfilled. Anitta is the greatest Brazilian singer, she deserves to be known all over the world, as she has a lot of talent. Queen! 🤍🤍🤍
05/04 14:46
05/04 14:46
05/04 14:25
"Girl From Rio" - Performances: May 2nd — "Fantástico" on @TVGlobo at 7PM ET / 20:00 BRT. May 3rd — "The TODAY Show" on @NBC at 9AM ET / 10:00 BRT. May 4th — "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on @ABC at 11:35PM ET/ 00:35 BRT. May 8th — "Ellas y Su Música" on @Univision at 8PM ET / 21:00 BRT.
04/29 00:04
04/25 19:44
in any case “legitimacy” is a completely made up quality that can be taken away. george bush was president and it’s still bad for jimmy kimmel to grant him legitimacy in liberal spheres
04/25 19:44
I can't believe I missed War Criminal Week on Jimmy Kimmel Live
04/09 16:06
Wait... I was at a birth yesterday and am just now catching up. Y’all are telling me that Kimmel interviewed Hunter Biden?!?!?!?
04/09 01:05
HUNTER BIDEN is scheduled to spew/SNITCH, on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE TONIGHT, 11:30 eastern 10:30 central ON ABC Record it and analyze his wording for facts he is trying to hide, Check back here for a Rush Limbaugh style interpretation. Hunter WILL accidentally reveal facts
03/03 12:44
KPK 😂 I fine no mean say make I no collect my 10 naira change😂 Bobrisky | grammys | Tolu | North to South | Seyi Makinde | Congrats Laycon | E choke | Meghan | Jimmy Kimmel | Davidoxkimmel | Ozo day | #Rushchallenge Follow me for more memes I follow back!
02/26 06:24
01/26 02:23
I fell asleep. Just woke and saw you guys posting pics of chris on kimmel. I was so 'DID I MISS IT???? F*****C' 😂
01/26 02:23
first kimmel and now ellen. this is insane, im so proud of you guys 🥺 #WDWonELLEN
01/22 15:44
01/20 19:04
01/20 19:03
01/20 19:03
@GeraldoRivera Thank you President Trump.! You took on The Swamp, the bias media, A Clinton coup attempt, bogus Pelosi impeachment AND won !! Law-abiding Tax-paying America-loving Americans will never look at the media, Big Tech and govt the same. FU Colbert & Kimmel !!
01/05 13:45
can’t wait for ice cream live performance on kimmel 🥰🍦👯‍♀️
12/12 13:25
US iTunes: 9. Plastic Hearts (+5) Jimmy Kimmel tonight ✨