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I fell asleep. Just woke and saw you guys posting pics of chris on kimmel. I was so 'DID I MISS IT???? F*****C' 😂
01/26 02:23
first kimmel and now ellen. this is insane, im so proud of you guys 🥺 #WDWonELLEN
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01/20 19:03
@GeraldoRivera Thank you President Trump.! You took on The Swamp, the bias media, A Clinton coup attempt, bogus Pelosi impeachment AND won !! Law-abiding Tax-paying America-loving Americans will never look at the media, Big Tech and govt the same. FU Colbert & Kimmel !!
01/05 13:45
can’t wait for ice cream live performance on kimmel 🥰🍦👯‍♀️
12/12 13:25
US iTunes: 9. Plastic Hearts (+5) Jimmy Kimmel tonight ✨
12/12 13:25
12/08 12:44
Muted Jimmy Kimmel and turned on emancipation of mimi until I see the queen grace my tv. My ears can’t take the corny jokes
10/21 07:02
BLACKPINK will be on Jimmy Kimmel Show today at 12:30PM KST! #YG #BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink @BLACKPINK @JimmyKimmelLive
10/20 20:05
Blackpink's schedule today (KST): 12:35pm - Jimmy Kimmel 7:00pm - Tiktok Stage 8:00pm - Good Morning America
10/20 11:43
Go to Lisa’s instagram and shower her positive comments. You can comment about her cats, crab dance, compliment her about her raps and dance, her vocals, and tell her were excited for the upcoming contents (Tiktok live, GMA, Jimmy kimmel) Do not mention anything about the issue
10/18 15:25
is the jimmy kimmel performance live? cause this pic ozuna was holding and mic and they look like they're on a stage
10/16 12:44
Programação do BLACKPINK de Outubro: Oct 17 - Music Core Oct 17 - Knowing Bros Oct 18 - Inkigayo Oct 18 - Running Man Oct 20 - ABC Jimmy Kimmel Show Oct 21 - Good Morning America Oct 21 - Tiktok Stage cr: GlobalBlackPink #BLACKPINK @BLACKPINK
06/23 20:04
@schoolofsmock @guypbenson @JonahDispatch @megynkelly She was fired for suggesting - observationally - that blackface was considered OK 30-40 years ago if you were playing a character. Kimmel repeatedly played Oprah & Karl Malone in blackface <20 years ago. Sorry; no way to word-weasel out of this hypocrisy.
06/23 20:04
@CNN CNN handling Jimmy Kimmel "racist" issues
06/23 19:05
I could care less what Jimmy Kimmel, Mel Gibson or anyone else you’re pretending to be mad at today said. Most people of all colors who have ever existed has said something you might not like...even you. What? You want to cancel like 99% of the people? Get over it...