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05/14 21:42
Why doesn't Desi trust Mac?? Europe MacGyver Watch Party #SaveMacGyver #MacGyverOnNetflix
05/01 00:20
Sunday, and I'm still analyzing she hit herself, and that they're connected then mac felt pain or Riley hit Mac? Riley could hit herself her right side, and we see that on Mac, too, it's the right side. #SaveMacGyver #MacGyver
04/30 21:21
Russ really grew on me this season. He learned to trust Mac rather than work against him. When push comes to shove, he proved himself a valuable team member. That's another reason I'm fighting to be sure #MacGyver gets a sixth season. #SaveMacGyver
04/30 21:02
Mac and Desi living together in a walking disaster pretty much. But Bozer been told you they were a mess. #MacGyver #SaveMacGyver
04/30 20:00
Looks like tonight is the series finale for MacGyver 👀👀#SaveMacGyver ︎ ︎︎ⓘ False information has been detected.
04/23 21:49
Desi. Kicks. Ass. 🔥😍❤️ #MacGyver 🖇️🎣🥰 #SaveMacGyver
04/21 20:38
@SaveMacGyver_ Kelly Kahl probably said that to smooth the cancellation announcement coz there is no way 5x15 will give the characters a proper ending. The show, the cast&crew and the fandom deserves better. @CBS #SaveMacGyver #MacGyver
04/16 22:04
It was also important to us to authentically portray a successful middle class Black family. The Bozers THRIVE, y’all! Huge thanks to Production Designer @DanielitoDavila, Costume Designer #RashidaBrandt, & all the dept heads for making the Bozers’ world stylish & real. #MacGyver
04/16 20:42
Daddy Bozer: "You've got this, Gumshoe!" Mac: @lucastill @MacGyverWriters #MacGyver #SaveMacGyer 😆🥺
03/26 22:22
Just wanted to put a word out that a door may be closed but that don't mean it's locked!😉🚪🔓#MacGyver
03/26 20:21
You know what, let’s all forget we saw the stills for episode 12. Let’s enjoy episode 11 and all the goodness of #MacRiley, #Bozer, #Matty etc, etc......#MacGyver
03/06 00:20
Murdoc tonight on.....⬇️⬇️ #MacGyver @MacGyverWriters
02/28 14:05
So according to Thomas Tuchel MacGyver made it hard for them. #CHEMUN
02/19 21:22
@MacGyverCBS Wow great episode of MacGyver !!! So good was intense and has a nice mix of humor in it and that cliffhanger at the end wow Codex is bad and that could mean bad bad news for Mac and the team 😧😧😧😧 #MacGyver #MacGyverCBS
02/12 21:21
Jerry be careful #MacGyver
02/06 13:00
02/05 21:21
Frankie: "It's done. I already gave it to them." Me: #MacGyver
02/05 21:00
My contribution to Friday's ep.of MacGyver! Swiss Army Knife, paperclips, electricity, his genius brain...everything he needs against snakes and villains! 😏 @MacGyverWriters @MonicaMacer @MacGyverCBS @Sticks919 #MacGyver #TeamPhoenix
02/05 20:41
Here's another fun fact: because the Golden Lancehead is not only deadly but an endangered species, the role of Golden Lancehead in tonight’s episode will be played by the Bull Snake. (below’s a shot from his camera test) #snakefacts #MacGyver
01/15 22:20
I don’t know if it’s because this might be the last episode Jim Adler might write for macgyver or Jack’s death but tonight’s episode kinda feels like a season finale to me 🥴🤦🏾‍♀️