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02/28 14:05
So according to Thomas Tuchel MacGyver made it hard for them. #CHEMUN
02/19 22:01
Anyway i enjoyed Riley, Bozer & Mac's scenes for what its worth. The Bozer & Mac heart to heart while he kept Mac's head in the game, & Riley macgyvering her way through criminals with pulleys and canisters of salt using that big brain. Also the MacRiley train moment #MacGyver
02/19 22:01
Im only critical of Desi because it seems like no effort is being made to make her into a better character. Instead she's being thrown into meaningful scenes & all of sudden shes arrived. No that takes actual growth with better story. #MacGyver
02/19 21:22
@MacGyverCBS Wow great episode of MacGyver !!! So good was intense and has a nice mix of humor in it and that cliffhanger at the end wow Codex is bad and that could mean bad bad news for Mac and the team 😧😧😧😧 #MacGyver #MacGyverCBS
02/12 21:22
"We both know that I'm an original." YES, Matty!! Remind him! @MerEaton #MacGyver 🔥😝
02/12 21:21
I would love to see Murdoc say hi to Russ and Desi in his own style 😈 Especially after he finds out that they were okay with dropping bomb on Mac #MacGyver #MurdocMinions
02/12 21:21
Jerry be careful #MacGyver
02/06 13:00
02/05 21:21
Frankie: "It's done. I already gave it to them." Me: #MacGyver
02/05 21:00
My contribution to Friday's ep.of MacGyver! Swiss Army Knife, paperclips, electricity, his genius brain...everything he needs against snakes and villains! 😏 @MacGyverWriters @MonicaMacer @MacGyverCBS @Sticks919 #MacGyver #TeamPhoenix
02/05 20:41
Here's another fun fact: because the Golden Lancehead is not only deadly but an endangered species, the role of Golden Lancehead in tonight’s episode will be played by the Bull Snake. (below’s a shot from his camera test) #snakefacts #MacGyver
01/22 21:41
The look on Bozer's face when Mac finally started to realize what was happening was priceless #Macgyver #Macriley
01/15 22:20
I don’t know if it’s because this might be the last episode Jim Adler might write for macgyver or Jack’s death but tonight’s episode kinda feels like a season finale to me 🥴🤦🏾‍♀️
01/08 21:21
@gnboling @kellnire @countryboots126 @MacGyverCBS @MerEaton @lucastill @Dastmalchian @SharonLovesMacG @GaleLady @WriterSleuth84 @PlaggemeyLee @KissKas @MelindaKinnaird @dbtill @clichejuice18 @Felinefemale Things just get worse and worse. Mason got away. And it looks like Mac is injured. #MacGyver
01/08 21:21
His own office?? Eli’s got his priorities straight #MacGyver
05/08 20:41
Gwen is freaking Riley out. And i dont blame her for being scared. #MacGyver
04/24 21:21
2 hours East coast #MacGyver Psy-Op + Cell + Merchant + Birds .. 🔥🔥🖇️🖇️
04/17 20:21
Good Morning @MacGyverCBS Fans #MacisBack with a brand new episode.. Tesla+ Bell+ Edison + Mac. It's & evening with a double dose of Mac & it's good Vs bad.. Get ready for another night of action & science .It all goes down tonight 8/7 C on CBS . Happy MacGyver Friday.🔥🖇️🤘💯
02/28 21:01
You never wanna hear a bomb hissssssing #MacGyver
02/28 20:41
you better get ready or you might miss @lucastill speak german. a new episode of #macgyver starts NOW! 🇩🇪