Trends on The Late Show

05/21 21:05
05/21 21:05
Trump touched Kurt Suzuki and tried to steal second base. #LSSC
04/28 00:24
New week, new hair! A new episode of A Late Show starts in 5 minutes! #LSSC
03/31 03:22
When @theweeknd performed “Blinding Lights” on #LSSC it was edited with a black and white filter. He performed it in a blue suit. Now he’s announced the “black suit” just like the edit covered up the blue suit this “black suit” is covering up the bigger and better “blue suit”
03/13 01:03
Colbert's #LSSC is weird without an audience. Still funny, though.
02/26 01:04
02/26 00:05
02/07 01:04
02/07 01:04
Contrary to what @StephenAtHome says, The Hobbit SHOULD be a prerequisite to The Lord of The Rings. #Colbert #LSSC
01/29 00:24
@colbertlateshow I’ll have a bag please, Stephen. #LSSC
12/06 01:22
.@theweeknd is shaking things up with his performance of “Heartless” #LSSC
11/01 01:40
Nancy Pelosi is a BAMF through and through. #LSSC
10/22 16:03
#LSSC is proud to join @glaad for #SpiritDay to take a stand against bullying. 💜
10/01 02:22
Colbert asks Hillary Clinton: "Is it time to, dare I say, lock him up?" Crowd: "Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!" #LSSC
09/05 01:41
Omg... Joe Biden is hilarious. 😀 And very cleverly sticking it to his rival. I like him. ❤🐾 #LSSC
08/09 00:41
08/09 00:03
07/31 01:07
Colbert, imitating Bernie talking about Canada: "They've replaced their currency with maple syrup that gets you high." 😂😐🤔 #LSSC
07/26 00:43
The one and only Jeff Goldblum returns to the Late Show to talk about his new film ‘The Mountain’ #LSSC
07/25 01:02
The host of @FoxNewsSunday is back on the Late Show tonight! Don’t miss Chris Wallace as he discusses the Mueller hearings! #LSSC