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05/26 23:48
Happy Birthday @shemarmoore 🎉🎊 #SWAT #Hondo
05/26 23:10
SWAT Season 4 The Black Hand Man, emotionally complicated; demanding our attention and our heartstrings! This season continues to leave us hungry for more! Excellent! @shemarmoore @swatcbs @SWATWritersRoom @ObbaBabatunde @ARThomasTV #Hondo #Leroy #swat #season4
05/26 22:48
Imperial Dukes. They're already at the protest! Can we make it in time??? #SWAT
05/19 23:45
Chris also likes Street! The feelings are mutual! What is the difficulty of expressing this my angel? no matter how tough she is, it’s so clear to see on her face, we fans can't take any more suffering for Stris, this is destroying me so much-- #stris #SWAT Desabafo sorry✌🏻
05/19 23:07
I enjoying seeing the moment shine once again on #SWAT when watching @jayharrington3 #Deacon & @shemarmoore #Hondo having a conversation with each other. Knowing that they'll always have each others backs. Teamwork✊🏼✊🏼
05/12 23:45
Cannot wait for Luca’s return! Bet he missed Black Betty and Duke like crazy. @TheKennyJohnson #SWAT
05/05 22:29
Tan cares and so should you. #SWAT
04/07 23:26
“Pretending your feelings for me don’t exist” OH STREET WENT THERE ! #swat #rollswat #stris
03/10 23:25
I'm nervous for Hicks now. #SWAT
03/10 23:25
This may be a cold case, but it's fresh as ever for Mumford. NEW #SWAT TONIGHT at 10/9c.
01/13 23:23
Chris concerned Streets mother is going to ruin things with Molly as well. Interesting, but she always wants the best for Street, even with her own personal feelings for him (we know she still has them) #SWAT #RollSwat
11/11 22:24
11/02 15:04
Last week, #Nigeria announced that #SARS would be replaced with a reformed police unit, #SWAT. Yet, Nigerians remain skeptical, & for good reason. In the 21st century, @CatoInstitute data shows that Nigeria has never scored above a 3.33 out of 10 in "Police Reliability". #EndSARS
10/28 22:24
🖤☄#Shemarfmoore #SFM #SWAT #Journeyofadreamer #HONDO #rollSWAT #Season4 #November11th at 9pm on #CBS #swatcbs ☄🖤 📸: from Shemar Moore IG story 🎥🎬
10/14 13:42
Which one is SWAT again 🙄🙄🙄 someone explain .. God pls guide us ooo,, you get reason why you allow Dem born us for naija #EndSWAT #SWAT
10/14 12:21
Police brutality in US, these mofos didn't make research on it before tweeting and using the hashtag to protest but same people are researching on a worldwide trending hashtag on Sars before they tweet??#SARSMUSTENDNOW #SWAT #sorosokewerey #sorosoke #EndSWAT
10/14 10:01
This is probably what they meant by #SWAT Werey dey disguise. #EndSWAT Dead the idea. Perish it
10/14 10:01
Dem wan scatter our hard earned work o😭😭😭#SWAT #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
10/14 09:21
Who do they think we are? dullards/ hoodlums? We are educated, most of us are doctors, PhD and Bsc holders in different fields. You cannot deceive us by just mere words without actions, we want action, we need to see workings if not we are not stopping!! #SARSMUSTENDNOW #SWAT
10/14 02:22
Suburban Women in every Subdivision across America is going to be the biggest group to VOTE YOU OUT on Nov 3rd You pissed off the WRONG Women #SWAT