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09/28 15:28
@FallonTonight @accessonline @IndyCaronNBC @NHLonNBCSports @GolfChannel @NBCSports @NBCOlympics @NBCManifest @NBCWeakestLink @housetv @SNFonNBC @NASCARonNBC @nbcgameofgames @NBCSportsSoccer @NBCSongland @NBCGameNight @nbcdays @NBCMakingIt @WillAndGrace @nbcsvu @lawandordertv @nbcthegoodplace @KellyClarksonTV @heroes @latewithlilly @30Rock @nbctitangames @FNL @NBCNewAmsterdam @parenthood @NBCTheWall @NBCTransplant @NBCConnecting @NBCChicagoMed @NBCChicagoFire @NBCGrimm @AGT @NBCWorldofDance @NBCGoodGirls @NBCThisisUs @NBCBlacklist @theofficetv @NBCChicagoPD @ninjawarrior @ZoeysPlaylist @parksandrec @NBCTheVoice @NBCSuperstore @nbcbrooklyn99 @peacockTV YAY!! FINALLY!! THREAD OF THE YEAR!!! 🥳🧨
09/28 14:31
@NBCSports @NBCOlympics @NBCManifest @NBCWeakestLink @housetv @SNFonNBC @NASCARonNBC @nbcgameofgames @NBCSportsSoccer @NBCSongland @NBCGameNight @nbcdays @NBCMakingIt @WillAndGrace @nbcsvu @lawandordertv @nbcthegoodplace @KellyClarksonTV @heroes @latewithlilly @30Rock @nbctitangames @FNL @NBCNewAmsterdam @parenthood @NBCTheWall @NBCTransplant @NBCConnecting @NBCChicagoMed @NBCChicagoFire @NBCGrimm @AGT @NBCWorldofDance @NBCGoodGirls @NBCThisisUs @NBCBlacklist @theofficetv @NBCChicagoPD @ninjawarrior @ZoeysPlaylist @parksandrec @NBCTheVoice @NBCSuperstore @nbcbrooklyn99 @peacockTV @nbc @FallonTonight @BTS_twt So I'ma light it up like dynamite, woah-oh-oh (Light it up like dynamite)
04/16 22:00
How Karen Walker (and @MeganMullally) should always enter a room. 👑 #WillAndGrace
04/10 01:00
We Love Lucy indeed! Thanks for watching everyone! #WillandGrace #ILoveLucy
01/23 22:00
Karen reading pill bottles and shaking them into the microphone - my favorite ASMR ever!! 😂😆 #WillAndGrace @MeganMullally
01/09 22:20
New @WillAndGrace with Demi Lovato this week
11/21 22:21
Let go and let the Grief Panda. #WillAndGrace
11/21 21:41
Now I knew that the next episode was called ‘Grief Panda’ had no clue that there is ACTUALLY a panda...#WillAndGrace has No limits & I dig it! @EricMcCormack with guest star: Panda New episode in 2 days!
10/31 22:20
@DebraMessing @nbc When Jack does his impression of CHER, in front of her & then she slaps him?? That is FOREVER! 😍 But my fave will ALWAYS be when Karen hit on @MiraSorvino's "One Night Stand Diane"!!! 💘I died. 🤣🤣 #WillAndGrace @MeganMullally
10/24 22:00
Also, my mom bought me that Cher doll after its first appearance when I was a kid because I love this show and her so much. #WillAndGrace