Trends on TheOrville

07/20 20:01
#Orvillianitis: A condition transmitted by experiencing #TheOrville. Symptoms include tweeting about #TheOrvilleExperience while watching @TheOrville on @hulu while reading blog articles about @MessyDeskGames @OrvilleGame. It’s a real problem, people. 😎
07/20 18:01
Do you even #TheOrville? Check out #TheOrvilleExperience at #SDCC. 😎
05/11 21:01
My favorite show just got renewed for a third season #TheOrville
04/27 21:40
If there was a TV equivalent of comfort food, it would be #TheOrville - ya’ know like a TV Twinkie 😜 or some other baked good...
04/26 01:20
I just know tonight's season finale is going to be intense! #TheOrville
04/26 00:40
ALARA'S BACK!!!! @TheOrville #TheOrville
04/25 21:20
@SethMacFarlane Still pondering the ramifications of Kelly turning down Ed's chance at a second date. Very Back to the Future. Feeling like Ed might be in need of the DeLorean and Doc! #TheOrville
04/22 20:00
To all my Twitter Followers! And to the Orville Community! @TheOrville #TheOrville @TomCostantino @joncassar @SethMacFarlane @AdriannePalicki @jleefilm @PennyJJerald @ScottGrimes @Bryanrodgerssoa @megamanex @ChillyKillary @BrannonBraga @ChadLColeman
04/18 21:40
We'd like to say Ed has changed since. 🔥 #TheOrville
04/12 23:20
Dolly Parton is a poet. Thank you #TheOrville
04/11 21:20
I freaking love the character of Bortus from @TheOrville #TheOrville ...I am on this episode and this moment was freaking hilarious