Trends on American Idol

05/13 12:44
@katyperry @unsubrecords @MichaelJWoodard @AmericanIdol congrats now where's electric
05/10 01:23
Hunter and Graham DeFranco #AmericanIdol
05/10 01:03
hunter AND caleb, the most mediocre yt males, making it through over all those people? #americanidol
05/10 01:03
I literally never want Willie to stop singing #americanidol
05/09 23:44
Casey Bishop just gave a lesson in song choice and voice control to the other high-notes chasers in the competition. She is effortless and is always on point. Never flat or off-key. #AmericanIdol
05/09 23:26
Arthur Gunn puts his own twist on every song and it STILL sounds good. He doesn’t even realize how good he is #americanidol
05/09 23:06
I'm team Grace Kinstler (@GraceKinstler) this season! That "Elastic Heart" was so dope. #AmericanIdol
05/09 22:44
If Chayce didn’t make it in I was going to start questioning everything #AmericanIdol
05/09 21:46
Why are they gassing up this young lady? That was a horrible song choice and she didn't sound good. #AmericanIdol
05/09 21:25
.@Coldplay will perform their new single “Higher Power” for the first time ever on #AmericanIdol on Sunday, May 9. Chris Martin will mentor the final seven #Idol contestants at a Malibu studio, and each contestant will perform two songs – one of which will be a song by Coldplay.
05/09 21:01
.@katyperry, @LionelRichie & @LukeBryanOnline talk #DisneyNight on #AmericanIdol! Plus, Katy is getting ready to celebrate her first Mother’s Day! ❤️ @AmericanIdol @JennLahmers
05/09 20:41
Wait 'til the end.... 🤣 We know it's a full-time job being a mom @katyperry! Shout out to all the mothers out there 💖 Happy #MothersDay from #AmericanIdol!
05/09 20:41
05/09 20:02
Happy Mother’s Day to Scotty and Ashley’s sweetest mom, @JudyMacGarner!! I am SO thankful and blessed for you and @MikeMGarner for encouraging @ScottyMcCreery to try out for @AmericanIdol!! Have an awesome day!!💐🥰
05/03 00:23
Someone please explain how Hunter made it in over Alyssa??? #AmericanIdol
05/02 23:04
Cassandra has me like. #AmericanIdol
05/02 22:43
We’re so proud of you, Deshawn! Congratulations on a amazing run on #AmericanIdol! @deshawngmusic @SonicBoomOTS #JSUStudents
05/02 21:44
YES @SofiaCarson!!! ✨♥️ Bringing that shining, shimmering, splendid Disney magic to #DisneyNight on @AmericanIdol with the Idol hopefuls!! #AmericanIdol
05/02 21:24
WE LOVE YOU KATY! #AmericanIdol is LIVE coast-to-coast on Sunday at 8|7c on @abcnetwork! 💙
05/02 20:01
.@katyperry is going to be tinkerbell for disney night on #AmericanIdol  !??!