Trends on American Idol

02/28 22:09
i’m bawling listening to @alanissophia sing “Anyone” by @ddlovato. That song has helped me through so much. Wow. I’m speechless. @AmericanIdol #AmericanIdol
02/28 22:09
Here we go! Apopka firefighter Jeremias Williams is on @americanidol right now. Tune in to @WFTV to watch him sing!
02/28 22:09
@Mias343 @AmericanIdol @ABCNetwork The judges
02/28 22:08
"WOW." is right! Tonight's episode kicks off with the powerful voice of tonight's first contestant... meet @AmandaMenaMusic! #AmericanIdol
02/28 22:08
It's time for the family to take this show on the road @_samanthasharpe! See you in Hollywood! #AmericanIdol
02/28 21:48
#AmericanIdol that girl Casey bishop can sing wowwww!!
02/28 21:27
I 💟 your name, voice, sincerity and of COURSE your relationship with your mom @AlanisSophia. And while we’re at it I love @alanis too! #AmericanIdol
02/28 21:06
OMG THAT NAME STORY MARY JO TOLD IS LITERALLY MY FREAKING STORY FOR REALS. The whole Mary Jo from Josephine deal TOTALLY MY MOM'S IDEA. Sorry for yelling, but this is freaking me out. Mary Jo is a mouthful. Friends call me MJ. My late mom did not like that. At all. #AmericanIdol
02/28 21:06
🚨 KATYCATS ATTENTION 🚨 Today is the last day of voting!! I vote for #AmericanIdol to win #TheCompetitionShow at this year's #PCAs!
02/22 01:41
Haven’t watched #americanidol in years. Turn it on and see them eliminate talented Ace and keep Walmart Daddy Yankee. Back to my American idol hiatus.
02/21 22:44
Come on Willie!!! YOU BETTER SANGGGGGGGGG!!! #AmericanIdol
02/21 21:24
02/21 21:03
"God started you at this point with us and we're going to go forward with you. No matter how far it takes you, it's going to be better than wherever you started in life. You have my word on that." - @LionelRichie @calvin_upshaw is going to ⭐ HOLLYWOOD ⭐ #AmericanIdol
02/21 20:43
TW: rape, racism Kick Hannah Everhart off your show!! She is a racist who uses the n slur. She also thinks rape victims get what they deserve. Do you support this ideology? Do you support contestants who act this way? @AmericanIdol @katyperry @LukeBryanOnline @LionelRichie
02/15 20:03
@AmericanIdol @claudiamconwayy Hmmm. They don’t let the talented 17 year old with the Navy father through, but Claudia does??? Come on!! Ratings choice 🙄
02/15 19:42
@RKJ65 @hmbryan @AnchorsNLegos @revmagdalen @socflyny @AmericanIdol @KellyannePolls @claudiamconwayy So now the parents r no longer centre stage the disgusting media whoring Conways push their teenage daughter further into the spotlight after engineering a 🤮 public spectacle involving her over months! This family is everything that is fundamentally wrong with US right now!
02/15 19:03
#AmericanIdol These are the kids Kellyanne Conway wouldn’t allow to audition...
02/15 17:02
@RKJ65 @AmericanIdol @KellyannePolls @claudiamconwayy The fuck is this bullshit about? this family needs to go the fuck away for the last 4 years of torture they did to this country
02/15 13:43
- @americanidol was already shit but they just posted a clip of kelly ann conway supporting her daughter on the show. fuck this rehabilitation of fascist & lying pieces of shit. trying to redeem an underage revenge porn posting insurrection supporting gaslighting bitch? FUCK OFF.
02/15 13:03
@ericgarland It's really quite gross that @AmericanIdol decided to perpetuate the @KellyannePolls stain on America.