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04/25 23:24
Last week Superstore accidentally substituted rice noodles with mung bean noodles. Didn’t notice until I went to make the new dish. Had to google how to cook them, no instructions on the package. Turns out my family does NOT like mung bean noodles. Good to know. 🍜 🤣
04/25 23:24
04/25 23:24
04/07 11:21
two years ago, I couldn't pipe "happy birthday" on a cake to save my life. here's my journey – from being the carrot cake girl from lums superstore to itsokaybis cakes on twitter. taking a moment to feel proud of myself. grateful every day 4 all the love & support in my life. 🧵
03/28 00:03
Watched the #Superstore finale and am happy with how they ended it. The wife and I both grew to love the show. As someone who loves the Scrubs and Parks & Rec style shows I feel lost now. Thanks to @AmericaFerrera, @benmfeldman, and the rest of the cast for all of the laughs.
03/26 04:21
Even though, I'm still mad at @nbc for ending #Superstore earlier then expected (still feel like we could've done a few seasons more) the ending felt really bittersweet❤❤ i loved it so much. Farewell, Cloud 9 #Superstore
03/26 04:01
jonah going from job to job until he got to cloud 9 and met amy and ben going from city to city until he got to pawnee and met leslie ive connected the dots!!! #Superstore
03/26 04:01
I will die on this hill: the #Superstore series finale was the best finale since FRIENDS. I’m filled with so much joy right and the last 5 minutes made me cry the best kind of tears. A perfect show, start to finish ... and I think I might just start it over again!
03/26 01:01
i just rewatched the superstore pilot to prepare for the finale u guys jonah really put all the stars on the ceiling for amy
03/26 00:41
Gonna miss Superstore
03/25 21:42
superstore finale is one of the most perfect finales i think i’ve ever seen
03/25 21:02
you all over me is a lyric in endgame and its gonna be released on superstore day therefore simmosa endgame
03/25 21:01
I just hope Garrett and Dina end up together #Superstore
03/25 21:01
Can I just get a Glenn & Dina spin off since @NBCSuperstore is ending?! 😭 #Superstore
03/25 20:21
03/25 20:01
03/25 20:01
i’m bored so i’m gonna live tweet the superstore ep i’m rewatching
03/25 20:01
#superstore 6x01 live tweet thread let’s go
03/25 20:00
okay i’m bored so this is how i think the superstore finale will go: - amy goes to the store, and learns that all cloud 9s are being shut down, the first person she tells is glenn - glenn tells dina (this is the scene that lauren talked abt in the live) and they have a heart to —
03/25 19:40
Caveats to follow, but I have to get it off my chest. How is it fair for a large English Sportswear Superstore to be allowed open when 50ft around the corner a local family owned sports shop isn’t? ps the Large Sportswear store is now stocking ‘Construction Workwear’