Trends on The Big Bang Theory

05/23 18:20
Great finale for The Big Bang Theory! #TBBT
05/23 17:20
That was such a lovely way to say goodbye, that final episode made me laugh & cry in equal measures, Sheldon's speech and Leonard & Penny having a baby were the best way to end the show 💖💖 #BigBangTheory #BigBangTheoryFinale
05/23 16:20
@bigbangtheory I will miss you all Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for giving me the wonderful memories. 2007-2019
05/23 16:20
#BigBangTheory Such a beautiful ending to such an amazing show... P.S. Leanard slapping Sheldon will go down as GOLD in TV history!!
05/20 00:22
#Avengers is over. #BigBangTheory is over. #GameOfThrones will be over. It's my endgame
05/17 17:01
#BigBangTheory #bigbangfinale Ok, my favorite moment is when Sheldon introduced Howard as "Astronaut Howard Walowitz". Stupid, but that made me cry. I'll miss the hell out of this show.
05/16 21:40
Best night of 2019 #BigBangTheory owned it, followed by #YoungSheldon tearing my heart apart. I'm definitely crying myself to sleep tonight.
05/16 21:00
Im not crying! You're crying! #BigBangTheory
05/16 20:40
Me when I realized Penny & Leonard are pregnant: #BigBangTheory
05/16 20:20
05/16 20:20
THE ELEVATOR!!!!!!!! I'm with you Sheldon 😭😭😭#BigBangTheory
05/14 15:42
@tvshowtime @amelia_lucifan @LuciferNetflix @GameOfThrones @GreysABC @FriendsTV @deadtome @nbcbrooklyn99 @ShadowhuntersTV @bigbangtheory @OfficialHIMYM Damn straight we are #Lucifer #LuciferSeason4
05/09 21:00
Good thing Leonard has such empathetic and supportive friends like Sheldon. 😂 #BigBangTheory
05/09 20:40
Awe. Howard and Raj’s love for each other is real. ❤️ #BigBangTheory
04/30 23:20
Tonight marks the end to something that shaped so much of mine and others lives. Tonight, History will be made. Tonight is the very last taping of #BigBangTheory Im forever greatful I got to experience so much of the show. I love you all! Goodnight and thank you 💙 @bigbangtheory
04/18 20:40
Human Resources? Good luck, Amy! #BigBangTheory