Trends on The Oval

05/11 22:44
Jason is HILARIOUS!!!! "banging broads" #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 22:44
I was not expecting that at all his own!!!!! #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 22:44
Richard really said there are a long list of women who want to sleep with me. #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 22:44
Nancy is passing me off, BITCH TELL RCHARD WHO THE DADDY IS!!!!! #TheOvalOnBET #TeesXTea 🍵
05/11 22:44
Not his daddy #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 22:44
Damn fool better get it together because Sam is about to leave the marriage. #TheOvalOnBET #TheOval #BET
05/11 22:43
I know they better not had killed Barry’s daughter #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 22:26
Priscilla is traumatized. But she knows Jason did it. @tajavsimpson @wfauntleroy @realdanielcroix @BET @tylerperry @TheOvalOnBET #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 21:46
Donald said “yes, bring that ass to the White House” He about to fuck some shit up too 😂 #TheOvalBET #TheOval #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 21:45
Diane is that bitch! I like Diane! #TheOvalOnBET ‘Did you rinse after you swallow! Mic drop bitches!’
05/11 21:45
Max was really kickin' Kyle's ass 🤕‼️ #TheOvalOnBET #TheOval
05/11 21:25
Priscilla pushing Sam right into Victoria OPEN arms #TheOvalOnBET
05/11 21:05
Bobby and his sweaty form fitting shirt #TheOvalOnBET
05/04 22:23
@val_dmmc @CarolynDeniseL1 @jussassy2u @markofzene @Butta_15 @MsPerfect10x @7_revealed @Joyous3235 @geminimoon @CarokyDeniseL1 @AuntieM56 @Vachef72 @DawnparksDawn @Succeedin2 @elisajohns1 @A1gardner Hunter, Victoria and the Press Secretary w/her clothes off? Oh boy. This WH is getting freakier and freakier. #TheOvalOnBET
04/27 22:41
Hopefully the First Lady drags Ellie by her jeri curl wig #TheOvalOnBET
04/27 22:21
#TheOvalOnBET Mrs. Laura!!!!!
04/20 21:47
Lol Kareem talking about some "watch me" and this came to mind #TheOvalOnBET
04/20 21:46
04/13 22:45
#TheOvalOnBET Max and Bobby...
04/13 22:25
This Jean cover-up is too good. #TheOvalOnBET