Trends on The Oval

02/23 22:41
Pricilla, sam and Victoria was like this #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 22:41
For once Victoria is the voice of reason. Sacrificing a man that has held your secrets for 8 years for some folks you're not even sure are in your corner is stupid. #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 22:41
The whole family crazy but Jason...that nigga psycho! #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 22:41
We have a few minutes left and Ms. Laura still hasn't told anybody where Jean is... 🤦🏾‍♀️ #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 22:41
It’s the Victoria and Priscilla scene for me #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 22:22
Never trust a Donald in office #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 22:02
Barry get arrested every other episode #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 22:02
Nancy. Who the baby daddy?! @BET #TheOvalOnBET
02/23 21:42
Richard said get the money from his Daddy! #TheOvalOnBET
02/17 00:03
Now he’s trying to kill Grandma. #theoval #TheOvalOnBET  #theovalbet
02/16 23:43
Max was ready! #TheOvalOnBET
02/16 23:42
Hold up... Kareem has a kid?! #TheOvalOnBET
02/16 23:42
Sharon pregnant??👩🏾‍🦯👩🏾‍🦯 @TheTeeshaRenee #TheOvalOnBET
02/16 23:23
"Bobby, baby! I grew up in Watts, remember?!" -Lily #TheOvalOnBET
02/16 23:22
Ik y’all not on Ruth side are y’all forgetting she kidnapped their daughter and brought her to a cult #TheOvalOnBET
02/16 21:43
Join BET and the cast of @TylerPerry's The Oval for our virtual watch party of the Season 2 premiere - TONIGHT 10:30PM ET / 7:30PM PT! Live tweet with us using #TheOvalOnBET!
02/16 21:43
02/16 18:01
07/23 00:01
Ellie handled that press conference like a boss. #TheOvalOnBET
07/22 23:41
Diane is that bitch! I like Diane! #TheOvalOnBET ‘Did you rinse after you swallow! Mic drop bitches!’