Trends on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

05/27 17:44
05/27 16:44
05/24 20:40
So Nene has forgotten when Kenya was getting attacked every season and sat there and took that shit. Now that she feels like its happening to her its so unfair. Girl you left because of Yovanna ass #RHOA #RHOAReunion
05/10 20:20
I always laugh when people say someone did a 360 instead of 180. They endup saying the person is right back where they started and I giggle inside. #RHOA
05/10 20:00
Can’t wait for Porsha to flip flop all over this reunion. Girl had no beef all season and now NeNe’s in her corner she hype on Skype? Fraud. #RHOA #RHOAReunion
04/26 21:00
Cookie lady just fuck up her whole brand for 15 seconds of being a messy bitch #RHOA
04/19 20:40
Are there meatballs at the baby shower?? It’s not a black baby shower if there aren’t any honey barbecue meatballs. #RHOA
04/19 20:40
I don’t understand how Kandi is mad at Todd when it’s here mom that selfishly decided to not show up for her. Todd is right beside you. Where is Mama Joyce? #rhoa
04/13 01:41
Dennis moves like man thats still belongs to streets. There’s no way you’re “fighting” for your family while living in separate homes. Nope. #RHOA
04/13 00:01
Eva we def don't need you for season 13 #rhoa #WWHL
03/15 21:01
I was all for booking a trip to Greece after seeing how much fun these ladies are having, but after seeing all those cats #RHOA
03/08 20:41
These “challenges” for these rooms are so corny! #RHOA
03/01 20:40
Wendy ain’t shit “money well spent face” 😂😂 #RHOA
02/23 17:00
Kim really spelled “cat” K-A-T with all the confidence in the world back in season 1 #RHOA
02/16 21:41
The #CookieLady tried it. She is trash. Period. The whole brunch scene just made me like @itsTanyaSam more. #RHOA
02/16 21:00
I know Nene didn't fix her lips to say someone is late. #RHOA
02/16 19:20
The “cookie lady” tried it 🙄 She could’ve kept that information to her self. #MessyBoots 👢 I love Tanya. #RHOA