Trends on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

01/24 20:43
It’s funny how Kenya & Cynthia are such great friends, sisters even, but she wasn’t invited on the jet #RHOA
01/24 20:43
Not the poodle wig! 🐩 #RHOA
01/24 20:42
Not Todd and Kandi being the stripper plug across the states lol #RHOA
01/24 20:23
Is their doorbell broken?! Why don’t they hear anyone?! Lmao #RHOA
01/17 23:43
01/17 21:44
FYI would have seen your grandfather more if your grandmother was not toxic...I understand her past...but it is HER past #RHOA
01/17 21:24
So she didn’t know what the PSA was about? #RHOA
01/17 20:24
Kandi..... we’ve heard about this child support storyline for 17 centuries , two epochs and all 4 seasons of the year. Hang up this flatscreen dawta. I’m sleep and I’m bored. #RHOA
01/17 20:24
Catching up on #RHOA and researching how to safely get Ace to NYU so he can see Riley
01/10 23:22
Ace crying because he doesn’t want Riley to leave #RHOA
12/21 00:43
His delivery is not the best but I actually agree with Mike on the wedding thing!!! All he saying is he don’t care where they getting married at but just understand there is a pandemic #RHOA
12/21 00:02
@TheRealDrePapi My husband coming home after being MIA for 3 days. #rhoa
12/20 21:23
I’m with Mike and Mal...250 guests at a wedding during a deadly pandemic and you have to wear face masks #Rhoa
12/20 20:43
Falynn is definitely more likeable than LaToya #RHOA
12/13 19:41
After rewatching that #rhoa reunion..i see why they never asked #Phaedra back after that mess!
10/29 16:24
so the #RHOA trailer...
09/17 20:26
@NineDaves Why is NeNe telling us this old news? Didn't we already know this? Isn't #RHOA already filming?
05/31 21:20
05/31 21:20
05/31 21:20
OMG....why does @EvaMarcille feel the need to comment on every damn thing?!!!?!!! Like girl SHUTUP #RHOA