Trends on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

03/08 12:01
@5thinstinct I am ngl I’m getting tired of the #RHOA seasons revolving around Porsha vs Kenya... it’s been going on for nearly a decade at this stage, either make up or move on and drop one
03/08 03:01
@ThePeachReport Well, now that we have gotten that out of the way. Drew has made it clear that she wants the complete Kenya Moore experience. #RHOA
03/08 02:01
@ThePeachReport After seeing this I definitely think it’s Porsha who’s trying push Kenya off the show. She’s building a case against Kenya and it’s so obvious. #RHOA
03/07 23:04
Kenya telling LaToya that she can’t have a good time or be friends with everyone in the group - is that not mean girl behavior? #RHOA
03/01 01:44
The fact that the lawyer let her go on and on about Marc sending her love songs when he had divorce papers sitting in front of him.. #RHOA
02/28 22:13
For Kandi to be pleading the 5th...she straight snitching to Don Juan. #RHOA
02/28 22:13
Tanya ain’t your girl in a high pressure situation, she crumbled at that table. #RHOA
02/28 22:12
Am I the only one who doesn’t want a #BOLO that big, tho?! 💀☠️ #rhoatl #RHOA
02/28 20:50
Asshole Ralph is back #RHOA
02/28 20:30
02/28 20:29
Mr. Three days in Tampa shouldn't say anything to Drew. At least he knew where she was. #RHOA
02/28 20:06
If it’s my choice to delete someone off #RHOA it would be Cynthia “Boring” Bailey.
02/22 18:41
@dispensarydemon @twinkiee21 Love it!! Perfect!! @iheartMarlo always delivers with her fashion, jokes and the shade. I really respect and admire her for stepping up to raise her nephews. It's so cute they call munty. Give Marlo her peach!! #RHOA #RHOAMARLO
02/21 20:24
#RHOA stopped the cameras & sent production home... Oookaaay ladies
02/14 20:43
I’m still pissed the police wasn’t charged with murder in Breonna Taylor’s death! #RHOA
02/14 20:02
Quad and Simone giving commentary on #RHOA is so necessary
02/07 22:01
This season of #RHOA🍑 ain’t it for me I miss @NeNeLeakes 😭😭. Like this whole cast needs to go except Porsha, marlo, Tanya and Kandi. Bring back Nene and/or Sheree. This season seems forced and just... just irritable. I’m over Atlanta atp
02/07 22:00
Dwight asking if the housewives are even registered to vote 💀 #RHOA
01/24 21:03
Shamea got a confessional!! #RHOA
01/24 21:03
They blurred out Brooklyn’s face after we saw her all last season??? #RHOA