Trends on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

05/12 00:06
Where’s Phaedra? I know that Bravo isn’t going to let Kandi sink this ship because she’s scared of Phaedra. You keep wanting to shade Porsha and Drew. Shade somebody who you really have an issue with! Come on back P! #RHOA
05/11 22:48
Why were the #RHOA expecting a big party at Falynn's house if they know production is keeping cast group events to just castmates? Doesn't seem fair to throw shade at something they know they can't do.
05/11 21:51
Kenya claims that Marc wants to work things out, I believe her, because Marc is a narc! But I still need to see this on camera. How are you separated & still getting in my bed after you filed for alimony, Marc? #RHOA
05/11 19:24
Porsha is pregnant for sure! But is she pregnant by Dennis or Simon ??? #RHOA
05/10 02:43
Me waiting on Marlo to respond, after the felon with a lisp comment #RHOA
05/10 02:43
I usually like Drew but I don’t understand why she doesn’t see how ridiculous she sounds when she’s talking about the Prophet here. Clearly LaToya didn’t prey on him he’s responsible for his own actions #RHOA
05/10 01:04
The way they ate Ken up at that season 6 reunion of #RHOA will always be AMAZING!!
05/09 20:44
Talkin bout if they keep bringing it up she get triggered. If you truly forgave Porsha in your ♥️what r u triggered by?? Kandi don’t WANT to like Porsha. And there’s definitely some envy there for sure. @Kandi The old Kandi would’ve kept it real and kept it pushing #RHOA
05/09 20:43
I’m sick of these chics mentioning Bolo and Prophet. #RHOA
05/06 23:44
After rewatching that #rhoa reunion..i see why they never asked #Phaedra back after that mess!
05/03 00:44
My God give LaToya a peach next year. We needed more of her antics and personal story. Br*vo is so STUPID. #RHOA🍑
05/02 22:08
Latoya better be quiet before shamea jumps on her ass 😂😂 #RHOA
05/02 20:43
Anyway demote Cynthia to FRIEND #RHOA
04/25 20:42
The “old daddy” term makes me cringe #RHOA
04/25 20:42
Kudos to Ralph for being a supportive husband / stepdad! Most men wouldn’t in this situation. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #RHOA
04/19 04:24
I just want to be invited to the next #RHOA’s white elephant gift 😩
04/18 21:14
04/18 20:31
Marc: “Kenya, I can’t talk right now. I’m doing hot girl shit!” #RHOA
04/18 20:09
#RHOA Season 13 marathon is going on right now on @BravoTV. Leading up to the finale.
04/15 12:08
The #RHOA reunion trailer. 😴😴😴😴😴