Trends on Love & Hip Hop: New York

03/09 23:41
Every time I think Rich can’t be more of a bitch, he turn around and prove me wrong. #LHHNY
03/09 23:41
Wait The Hell A Minute! Didn't Peter Gunz cheat on Tara With Amina, Married Amina then got her pregnant then cheat on her with Tara. N*gga you dont have the right to know where Amina lays her head Dusty! #lhhny
03/09 23:41
This old man fight between Cisco and Peter. #LHHNYC #LHHNY
03/09 21:23
03/09 21:23
Pardon me but I have another question didddd Yandy & Mendecees actually marry legally if so when? #LHHNY
03/09 21:22
Who is buying Safaree's album that he felt the need to do a promo tour!?!?!? Boi if you don't GET....#LHHNY #VH1
03/09 20:42
This is not phesher first proposal Jenn knows that shit ain't changing shit it was a STFU 💍 he just trying shut her up so he can creep in peace. 😂😂😭 #LHHNY
03/09 20:41
I bet Olivia won’t say g unit owe her money #lhhny
03/09 20:41
Phesher u might wanna take that ring back so u can make a payment to my girl Jada. #LHHNY
03/09 20:41
Dear Mona...don’t bring Phresher and Jenn back next season they make my ass itch #LHHNY
03/02 23:01
Cyn, girl... Joe is moving like a single man because....wait for it..... HE IS!!! #LHHNY
03/02 21:02
Jada gathered that project baby like a ponytail honey. U have a chain not a ring on so u are irrelevant tell ya mans see him in court sis. #LHHNY
03/02 21:01
Cyn is getting on my LAST nerve always playing the victim role like girl stfu please ... she’s literally pushing Joe away . Some “bum ass baby daddy” girl you most definitely tried it #LHHNY
03/02 20:41
Last 2 years she been living in a hotel... Wtf she couldn't stay with Jim? #LHHNY
03/02 20:41
Does Jen have a job of her own? Why she stay tryna act like a boss and stay fkin shit up. Zero business acumen #LHHNY
03/02 20:22
Me when Pap got on the mic #LHHNY
03/02 20:21
Juelz: sorry I couldn’t see your first steps Me: yeah because your dumbass had a gun in the airport #LHHNY
02/24 21:23
Now all of a sudden you don’t like the design of the house because of who designed it . #LHHNY Just a minute ago you was layin on the floor all choked up and shyt.
02/24 21:22
Jim: Chrissy designed the house Mama Jones: #LHHNY
02/24 21:22
Chrissy hella petty for putting a fireplace in that house knowing damn well last one burn down 😭💀💀#LHHNY