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03/16 12:23
did not care, he grew to hate Chuck and the friendship we see in the karaoke scene was forever ruined. Better Call Saul in general is just a more a depressing show than BB, I’ve always hated Chuck but the karaoke scene really made me look at their relationship with a-
02/28 22:14
Ohhh, Bob Odenkirk says the final season of #BetterCallSaul starts shooting in a week (though will be a longer season, and shoot than usual, so don't expect it on air for a while).
02/28 22:14
Bob and Rhea are in ABQ ready to start shooting #BetterCallSaul Season 6 in about 1 week! 📸 Rhea Seehorn
02/09 17:03
Trump shoulda "Better Call Saul'd" #impeachment
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09/29 14:03
before trilogy: better call saul (AMC) - this one’s random but the before trilogy is known for being the best romance, and bcs has the best fictional couple ever in Jimmy and Kim so I had to mention them! Aside from that it is a brilliant crime/legal drama and the best show on rn
09/21 00:43
Succession superou séries como Better Call Saul, The Crown, The Handmaid's Tale, Killing Eve, The Mandalorian, Ozark e Stranger Things no #Emmy. ME-RE-CI-DO! ❤️
07/28 21:04
I know everyone has their Emmy gripes today, but I’ve got to air mine now: @rheaseehorn not getting any Emmy love for her work is a crime. As one of @BetterCallSaul’s writers told me, “She deserves all the awards. In perpetuity.” Hard agree. @AMC_TV @Allison2Names #BetterCallSaul
07/28 16:45
Having to choose between Better Call Saul, The Mandalorian, and Succession for best drama series at the Emmys (but really though, the omission of Rhea Seehorn for best actress is EGREGIOUS, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.)
07/28 14:05
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07/28 12:46
The legend himself Giancarlo Esposito gets double #Emmys nominations this year for his work in BETTER CALL SAUL (Outstanding Supp. Actor, Drama) and THE MANDALORIAN (Outstanding Guest Actor, Drama).
07/28 12:45
@TelevisionAcad @BetterCallSaul @TheCrownNetflix @HandmaidsOnHulu @KillingEve @themandalorian @netflix @Stranger_Things @HBO Excuse me? But... how did you sleep on this one? Mr. Robot was the best tv in 2019, period.
07/28 12:25
Our weekly Friday question based on something @mikejschaefer mentioned. Which TV show, that's on hiatus right now, are you looking forward to coming back the most? For me: Better Call Saul Umbrella Academy (July 31st) The Boys (Sept 4th) Killing Eve Atlanta Billions
07/28 12:05
No acting nominations for Bob Odenkirk AND Rhea Seehorn. HUH? S5 of @BetterCallSaul is the best season of TV in 2020 so far. I understand there are snubs every year, but come on. That's an egregious error. What more do they have to do? #BetterCallSaul #emmys