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02/09 16:03
Be safe, stay in and watch #Outlander @Outlander_STARZ @STARZ
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@MariaFazioNYC @Konzertgeherin @Sanvi10149722 @AngusAngels @Okiemom50 @Elllls7 @mafou31 @bhdinehart @Present23 @kettering_c @sol_mariesol @Pennyyo79 @PustorinoGina @BernadetteClaxt @Nataliache2018 @HaarlemNanda @giron_mc @carol_lazzaro @fleurybanery @AllysonMcWhirt1 @malanclaudia62 @Crisngeles1 @silmar18 @McdadeSal @CoburnMelinda @HancaF Happy #intrnetionalscotchday #wedding day #Outlander❤️
02/09 11:03
@SamHeughan @GMA @Outlander_STARZ So excited!!! I hope you will give us good news about #Outlander and all your wonderful projects!!
01/18 14:02
#tbt to this precious moment between David and Sophie ♥️♥️♥️ #outlander #davidberry #sophieskelton #bts #king #queen #lordjohn #briannafraser #breeciation
01/18 14:02
@Outlander_STARZ @Writer_DG Truly! Happy Birthday Diana! 🥳 Thank You for the gift that is #Outlander and for your interaction with your fans. 😘 #Slàinte 🥃
12/28 13:22
@SamHeughan Happiest of Birthdays Duncan! You gave me much laughter and many tears in #Outlander! So many great scenes. Thanks for your amazing portrayal of Murtagh. I’m going to miss you in season 6... gone but never forgotten (maybe see you in the Stones?).
12/25 14:24
Merry Christmas #68 for me❗️ I am so thankful and have been so blessed. Peace on earth, Good will toward men❗️Merry Christmas to my #Outlander famdom❗️
12/09 06:22
@SamHeughan Congratulations 👏 The #Outlander fans wouldn’t have it any other way!
12/08 18:03
Best drama actor goes to @SamHeughan , #Outlander with love and admiration from all the fans! So well deserved! 💙💙💙 @GoldDerby
11/26 15:43
@sarahcpr #Outlander without a doubt. History, time travel, political intrigue, and at the heart of it, the aspirational and enduring love between Claire and Jamie Fraser. Please give it a go! 💜
11/16 18:41
@GalkeSabine @BernadetteClaxt @PustorinoGina @gandusio @Pennyyo79 @visicilia @odyssey158 @AthanasiaTrian1 @ClanOutlandish @birgit_gerach @AngusAngels @TartarugaTanya @TamiMa87574821 @GreatLaugh Happy #FraserFriday dear Sabine🍀🌺♥️awesome Fraser collage brings back many memories♥️#Outlander
11/16 18:41
Seeing him for the first time in 20 years. It was a breathtaking moment apart from him fainting, Jamie & Claire #Outlander
11/11 07:22
"You're one of those people" ~ Kevin. #Outlander #ThisIsUs
10/20 13:23
@Outlander_STARZ And all of that while being an OUTlander.😆😊Happy Birthday, Claire Fraser!! #Outlander
09/16 18:05
One of the most underrated scenes/gifs of Season 5. Sam’s expressions, brilliant! 🌟 #SamHeughan #JamieFraser #Outlander
09/11 15:05
@ClanOutlandish @Outlander_STARZ @PustorinoGina @mafou31 @nanfan15 @LettaNatalia @AthanasiaTrian1 @bhdinehart @cornogiuseppe1 @MakkOlga @AngusAngels @gioula74 @SanjaHirkic @GalkeSabine @sasseyjudy @Pennyyo79 @Martina82403124 @odyssey158 @DJZJCZ Hello Bea 🙋🏻‍♀️😘 agree trying to wait patiently for #Season6 so ready for the news that they're back on set again❤ meanwhile I'm rewatching the show and reading book six A Breath Of Snow And Ashes...brilliant edit Bea😍 #JamieAndClaire #Outlander
08/12 18:04
@SamHeughan @Outlander_STARZ And we miss all of you! The #Outlander panel was a nice thing to watch during #Droughtlander. I hope you all will be together soon, filming season 6. #Outlander
08/09 14:41
Happy 6th Anniversary @Outlander_STARZ !!🥂 I absolutely LOVE your show ❤🤗!! Lots of love and admiration from Spain ❤👏 @caitrionambalfe @SamHeughan @SkeltonSophie @RikRankin @JohnBell @RonDMoore @TallShipProds @TheMattBRoberts @Writer_DG 🙌💕😘 #Outlander #BestShowEver
05/10 20:02
The #Outlander finale aired last night, and it was full of horror and heartbreak, but it also had acting performances that were absolutely brilliant, and Caitríona led the way as a survivor who refuses to be broken. #OutlanderFinale