Trends on Schitt's Creek

05/19 20:44
@SAGawards @SchittsCreek Congratulations 👏🏻🎉💛
04/04 21:48
The #SchittsCreek cast's reaction to winning Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the #SAGAwards was so precious :')
02/28 22:16
YES @danjlevy!👏👏👏 Congrats @SchittsCreek for winning 'Best Television Series- Musical or Comedy' #GoldenGlobes
02/28 21:55
In 2017, my uncles pleaded with me to watch @SchittsCreek & told me it was the best thing on TV. But I was busy and forgot. Took me 4 years to catch on, BUT that also meant I could plow through the entire series in a week+. So really, maybe I won this one.
02/28 21:55
#SchittsCreek's @danjlevy said it best! #GoldenGlobes
02/28 21:55
“They let me wear 100 wigs and speak like an alien” - Catherine O’Hara, aka Moira Rose, thanks @SchittsCreek creators Dan & Eugene Levy for her Best Actress in a TV comedy or musical win #GoldenGlobes
02/28 21:55
Big congrats to @SchittsCreek! Thank you for so many years of incredible, incomparable, howlingly funny and deeply moving television.
02/28 21:12
12/19 09:42
@danjlevy Happy birthday Eugene Levy #schittscreek
11/24 09:20
@SchittsCreek @JR2point0 Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎁🎊🍾🥂
11/16 22:24
I’ve just acted like David from #SchittsCreek when my fella told me he was working tomorrow when I thought we’d both started our annual leave
11/16 14:22
@SchittsCreek If they'd just known her as the mom in Beetlejuice then the leap would've been more natural
11/07 22:03
Historic speeches, a power suit, impressive fireworks show and now a @SchittsCreek reference with “Simply The Best”?!
11/07 22:03
Shout out to all my fellow @SchittsCreek gang who absolutely had this flash through their minds during the Biden/Harris fireworks spectacular.
09/25 22:04
@SchittsCreek @annefrances @danjlevy @Realeugenelevy @TelevisionAcad @CBC @CBCComedy @PopTV God damnit. Crying again.
09/23 00:01
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09/23 00:01
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09/23 00:00
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09/23 00:00
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09/22 21:03
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