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03/09 02:01
Had such high expectations for @TheOutsiderHBO season finale but it just didn’t deliver. Overall, the series underwhelmed. Disappointing after a strong start. #TheOutsider
03/09 02:00
...y’all really ain’t gonna tell us why Holly said “Who’s Terry?” #theoutsiderhbo
03/08 22:30
Ralph, Sablo, and Claude explaining what happened without mentioning El Cuco: #TheOutsider #TheOutsiderHBO @TheOutsiderHBO
03/08 22:09
After watching the final confrontation between Ralph and El Cuco: #TheOutsider #TheOutsiderHBO @TheOutsiderHBO
03/08 21:49
Seale was the one that needed babysitting not Claude 🤦‍♀️ #TheOutsiderHBO