Trends on Sister Wives

03/07 23:22
I'm watching #SisterWives and oh my god Kody is an ass. Dude you are the main problem.
03/07 22:43
@AllAboutDaTea His only option is Robyn because none of the other wives will entertain the idea of more kids #SisterWives
03/07 22:42
Kody doesn't want to work things out with Meri because she doesn't have kids at home. What happens to Janelle and Christine when their kids are gone? #SisterWives
02/28 23:44
Meri WTH is wrong with your head. That dude doesn’t like you and speaks of you as an afterthought. Your other “so called sisters” feel the same way; especially Robin who now has the legal doc! It seems you have the most coins so I would take my bag & be gone. F-em. #SisterWives
04/12 23:27
#SisterWives another dramatic bathtub baby birth?
04/12 23:26
They forgot to mention that Maddie hates Meri #sisterwives
04/12 23:26
Me misting up looking at how flippin’ beautiful miss Evie is. #SisterWives
03/22 23:26
I have witnessed Robin cry more than any other person in my real or reality tv life and I have 3 kids. #sisterwives
03/15 23:25
"An only child sounds horrible." Stop, Mariah. Allow me to get on my soap box [again] and remind everyone: some of us are happy being only children and just because you have multiple children doesn't mean those children will be friends. #sisterwives
03/15 23:06
#TLC give Truely her own episode 🤣 - This is body and I'm not gonna ride a bike 🤣 #sisterwives
03/08 23:45
So let’s have our daughters panic attack be televised...that’ll help things along #SisterWives
03/02 00:25
#SisterWives all that space and someone has to live in the trees?
02/23 22:29
Cody is gonna temper tantrum till he gets this one house hell or high water #sisterwives