Trends on Sister Wives

04/19 02:46
If Meri is cool with pining after a dude who is clearly done with her, do u boo boo But Christine, Girl, RUN! #SisterWives
04/19 02:46
#SisterWives Dickhead Dad award goes to Kody tonight. It's ok for Janelle to go see Grandkids, but hell no for Isabelle to have surgery she's put off for so long...I'm just like...ffs man. This kid is in pain. Where's your moral compass at? Oh thats right, it's in Robyns purse!
04/18 23:10
Of all the #OMG @realkodybrown moments this season that surgery conversation was sick #SisterWives
04/18 23:10
Its a miracle Robyn is not using this prime crying opportunity #sisterwives
04/18 23:09
@SWChristine2020 Congrats on the Grandbaby! You have already made your decision! Stay in Utah! Kody doesn't care if you leave. Hell he purposefully wanted to watch you fall to the #sisterwives & also hurt Ysabel! You Matter! Stay with your kids in UT!
04/18 23:09
Meri's like you can't leave before I do, this is my storyline #SisterWives #TLC
04/18 22:48
Wtf tells there child to basically tolerate the pain in her spine for six months because he doesn’t want to fly. This guy does ⬇️ #sisterwives
04/11 23:43
is Janelle the family therapist now? #SisterWives #TLC
04/12 23:27
#SisterWives another dramatic bathtub baby birth?
04/12 23:26
They forgot to mention that Maddie hates Meri #sisterwives
04/12 23:26
Me misting up looking at how flippin’ beautiful miss Evie is. #SisterWives
03/22 23:26
I have witnessed Robin cry more than any other person in my real or reality tv life and I have 3 kids. #sisterwives
03/15 23:25
"An only child sounds horrible." Stop, Mariah. Allow me to get on my soap box [again] and remind everyone: some of us are happy being only children and just because you have multiple children doesn't mean those children will be friends. #sisterwives
03/15 23:06
#TLC give Truely her own episode 🤣 - This is body and I'm not gonna ride a bike 🤣 #sisterwives
03/08 23:45
So let’s have our daughters panic attack be televised...that’ll help things along #SisterWives
03/02 00:25
#SisterWives all that space and someone has to live in the trees?
02/23 22:29
Cody is gonna temper tantrum till he gets this one house hell or high water #sisterwives