Trends on 1000-lb Sisters

03/01 23:29
Damn, just woke up and missed the almost the whole episode... Amy, Sis, if you think you're tired now...Lil Man is gonna run you ragged!! #1000lbSisters
03/01 23:29
Jerry is SMASHING the popcorn 🍿 Lol 1🤣🤣🤣 #1000lbSisters
03/01 23:28
Jerrygave her COVID and dipped 🤦🏽‍♀️ #1000lbSisters
03/01 23:28
tammy gonna use covid as the excuse for not losing the weight now what’s next #1000lbSisters
03/01 23:10
Gage Deon is here! #1000lbSisters
02/15 23:04
Me googling “pansexual” on the commercial break... #1000poundsisters #1000lbSisters
02/15 22:46
Sorry, but there’s no excuse for brushing your teeth twice a week. If she’s able-bodied enough to feed herself multiple times a day, she can brush her teeth 2 times a day! #1000lbSisters
01/25 23:23
#1000lbSisters I think Chris will do great.
01/25 22:25
I ate too much Chinese food. #1000lbSisters
01/29 23:03
Damn momma Slaton you suck big time. My mom could have the flu and best believe she'd come to my wedding #1000lbSisters
01/29 23:03
Wow! Michael cleaned up pretty good! #1000lbSisters
01/29 22:44
My face during that entire stripper dance. Whaaaat the F. #1000lbSisters