Trends on 60 Days In

04/16 23:22
#60DaysIn #AAndE "Our jail is safer today." What about ole dude who came out his cell? #ImJustSayin
04/16 23:21
All this is Jamichael's fault. Fire him for putting everyone in danger. #60DaysIn
04/16 23:21
How Tony act round the sheriff lol #60daysin
04/09 23:21
Officer Richardson😂🤣💀 #60daysin
04/09 22:42
Me pulling up to bail Vanessa out..this may be too much for my boo... #60daysin
04/02 23:21
Champagne lookin like Steve Urkel with his sweat pants all pulled up #60DaysIn
04/02 23:02
Aye what if the girl that fw heather don’t really like her but tryna make it cause she know that’s the only way to know if she is #60daysin
03/26 23:21
Mark's pain level was at COVID-19, but he managed to high-knee it across the street. #60daysin
03/19 23:00
03/19 22:41
the producers gave him that key though, they really set him up like that. #60DaysIn
03/05 23:42
What does Jennifer have to debrief about? Ciara?? #60daysin
03/05 23:42
Regardless of Dennis attitude...... he didn’t fold..... #60DaysIn @AETV He got information that was VERY useful!
03/05 23:02
Woooow. Y’all had empathy and kindness for Ciara but not Shanese. Nicer to someone that makes you clean up shit but no understanding for a person with health issues. Talking about praise God. Y’all funny. #60DaysIn
02/27 23:23
Megatron eyes during the exchange🤣🤣🤣 guilty looking arse 🤣🤣 #60DaysIn
02/27 23:23
Ashley is prime example of the weak people that hide behind a badge and pretend to be invincible. She really thinks she is it! Dont@Me. I don’t care. #60DaysIn #PoorUnfortunateSoul
02/27 23:23
I’m catching up with the new season of #60daysin ....Ms Williams. OMG ‼️
02/20 23:24
Shanese thought she was gonna come to jail and have options #60DaysIn
02/20 23:23
This Allen wrench Tony presented as a shank 😂😂😂 #60daysin
02/13 23:42
Alex, from one former fat picked on kid to another, you did just fine and don’t let this get ya down. #60daysin
02/06 23:22
Justin after getting beat up #60DaysIn