Trends on Below Deck

02/23 01:21
Why does everyone hate Francesca? It's her first season on a reality show which I'm sure is a lot, she had a poor performing employee, and the chef walked off and made jokes that made her uncomfortable WHILE a pandemic was just beginning. Jesus, give her a break! #BelowDeck
02/23 01:21
Josiah was going to take Elizabeth's place! Oh I hope he is on next season #belowdeck #GalleyTalk
02/22 23:40
. @josiahcarter_ and @gypsy_homemaker ARE #GalleyTalk!! ❤️❤️❤️ their commentary! Can we have #GalleyTalk continue for #BelowDeckSailing ?? And why don't we have it for the #BelowDeck reunion??!!!
02/22 23:22
#BelowDeck Kate and Josiah reuniting on a season with Capt. Lee
02/22 22:41
Capt Lee saying “Eddie is what I would’ve wanted my Son to turn out like” #BelowDeck
02/22 22:40
Ashling is fake asf. #BelowDeck
02/22 22:02
Rachel calling any behaviour distasteful is frigging hilarious. Just spat out my wine #BelowDeck
02/22 22:01
#BelowDeck Rob is officially a twatface cunt bag!! How dare you talk to Izzy like that!
02/22 22:01
#BelowDeck #GalleyTalk Izzy taking down Rob & James right before she leaves the boat like
02/22 21:41
Shane: you don’t really think I’m stupid, do you? Eddie: #BelowDeck #BelowDeckReunion
02/16 00:40
Anyone else want to just give Capt Lee a virtual hug when he talked about Eddie turning into the man he thought his son could have been? 😭 #BelowDeck
02/15 22:20
#belowdeck-Captain Lee has me in tears
02/15 22:02
Goodbye Rob. The most boring misogynist ever on bravo #belowdeck
02/01 22:40
I know he did not just ask the Captain his position. #belowdeck😂😂
02/01 22:40
I feel like Im in the twilight everyone watching the same show?? Bravo literally shows the order sheet with FIVE mahi mahi orders & some how everyone is still saying its Francescas fault?? #BelowDeck
01/25 22:20
Literally, quite literally, every season that I’ve watched #BelowDeck someone has used the guest cabin to have sex between charters. What do they want them to do?! Use the parlor couch like Ben? The laundry room like Eddie? What is the issue? #BelowDeck
01/12 01:20
#belowdeck Delores is the embodiment of white privilege entitlement "no one tells me no"
01/11 21:40
I hate people like Dolores. They think their money gives them a right to do whatever they want. Someone needs to give her a good whooping #Belowdeck
01/05 00:00
If 2020 was a charter guest #BelowDeck
01/04 22:01
On paper, these guests seemed a nightmare. In real life, they have been a complete delight. #BelowDeck