Trends on His Dark Materials

12/28 22:21
To me Lee is sort of a cross between Han Solo, Gary Cooper in "High Noon" and Bugs Bunny. Literally the three most fun things to play. #HisDarkMaterials #HisDarkMaterialsS2
12/28 22:21
It all comes down to this. The season finale of #HisDarkMaterials starts now on @HBOMax.
12/20 18:41
Mrs coulter as soon as she found Lyra #HisDarkMaterials
12/20 15:42
Oh Mary Malone, the queen of series 2 ❤️❤️❤️ #hisdarkmaterials
12/20 15:22
Even though I've read the books I wasn't emotionally prepared for that episode of #HisDarkMaterials
12/20 15:22
“We’ve always been alone, apart from Roger.” #HisDarkMaterials
12/20 14:42
What else will Mrs. Coulter discover while traveling through new worlds? A new episode of #HisDarkMaterials premieres Monday on @HBOMax.
12/20 14:42
Can someone please take that monkey from Coulter and adopt it? Poor thing. 😣#HisDarkMaterials
12/13 18:22
#HisDarkMaterials so Marisa can just control the spectres because she can? What is going on?
12/13 17:02
Mrs coulter watching boreal drink his wine #HisDarkMaterials
12/13 16:02
Can I have a hug...🥺🥺🥺 Oh heck that got me right in the feels! I knew I’d flipping love Mary Malone... @Simone1Kirby #HisDarkMaterials #HisDarkMaterialsS2
12/06 15:22
I would DIE for him .. his little seatbelt 🥺🥺 #hisdarkmaterials
12/06 15:22
still not over how nervous close to ending boreal’s existence mrs c was when she thought he’d harmed lyra... #HisDarkMaterials
12/06 15:21
11/29 16:41
I want to move like a witch, dress like Mrs Coulter, be cute like Pan and brave like Lyra 😬 I am LOVING this series and get goosebumps at least once every five minutes #HisDarkMaterials
11/29 16:21
Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the voice of Andrew Scott's daemon!! #hisdarkmaterials
11/29 16:01
I'm not saying I would misuse the knife but my first action would be to recreate a Scooby Doo chase scene #HisDarkMaterials
11/22 17:41
Oh #HisDarkMaterials and #Paddington. A match made in heaven.
11/15 19:02
🗒Last nights #ImACeleb: A Jungle Story was watched by 4.8 million people. It won its time slot beating its biggest rival #HisDarkMaterials which received 4.4 million viewers The figures for I’m A Celeb are expected to increase for the launch show next Sunday 09/11/20
11/15 19:02