Trends on Temptation Island

02/23 23:43
I’m not concerned with any of the cast except for Erica. All I care is that she leaves with someone else😁#TemptationIsland
02/23 23:24
All of these women have cried and we havent reached a bonfire #TemptationIsland
02/23 23:24
#TemptationIsland kendall is a grade A effboy. he was disrespectful from jump. he won't last 3 episodes without an indiscretion.
02/23 23:05
Erin:’Corey and I are really not that compatible, so we were like, ok, let’s go and see’ So u were so done and saw this like a free vacation #TemptationIsland
02/23 22:45
Kendal’s body language didn’t sit right with me right there... 🤔 #TemptationIsland
02/23 22:25
Ok I feel Kristen on the not wanting their house to get trashed ,nasty house is a no no okurr! #TemptationIsland
02/16 23:28
Chelsea and Thomas seem fake/like they're overcompensating. They're both about to find other people #TemptationIsland
02/16 23:27
Erin after dude said he was a pro soccer player #TemptationIsland
02/16 23:06
Things are just getting started for a new group of couples and singles on the new season of #TemptationIsland.
02/16 23:06
Julian with the fist pumps as if he’s not about to do some dumb shit in 3 hours likeee who are you kidding 😂 #TemptationIsland
07/30 17:20
07/30 17:20
Andrea is the new AnnaMaria #temptationisland
07/30 16:40
07/28 16:43
07/16 17:20
07/16 17:00
07/09 18:20
Tu mi avevi lasciato is the new WE WERE ON A BREAK #TemptationIsland
07/09 16:40
Annamaria: E ce credo con st'herpes #TemptationIsland
07/02 19:00
Lorenzo standing ovation #TemptationIsland
07/02 19:00