Trends on Temptation Island

04/28 02:21
Chelsea getting mad at her man wrestling while she has a whole other second bf ??? Ok #TemptationIsland
04/28 02:21
Kendal trying to make himself look like his actions were justified & threesome means emotional growth🙃 #TemptationIsland
04/28 02:01
@rahmsssss She's so thirsty too. Tom is not that attractive, interesting, or funny to command all of that. #TemptationIsland
04/28 01:03
How did Erin revert all the way back to how she was in the beginning??? Now Corey’s the problem again??? #TemptationIsland
04/28 00:43
@TemptationTV I was so happy after the watching final bonfires but then watching the reunion I was like 😱😳😧😢😡#TemptationIsland #temptationislandreunion
04/28 00:43
What does Kristen WANT from this man #TemptationIsland
04/28 00:22
i can't wait for julian to pop the question. we stan the #1 couple #TemptationIsland
04/28 00:03
Amanda ain’t have to call the man a bitch. #temptationisland
04/28 00:02
The only person surprised that Shaq got sent home was Shaq... #TemptationIsland
04/28 00:02
Erin: "I've been carrying our relationship for a year now...." You mean you bullied him for a year now? #TemptationIsland #TemptationIslandUSA
04/27 23:43
Alexcys is really crying right now..girl #TemptationIsland
04/27 23:43
Me at the tv every time Kendall starts talking 🙄 #TemptationIsland
04/27 23:43
#TemptationIsland Can’t stand the sight of Kendal 🤮 the most fake shallow narcissist ever. Boy should be EMBARRASSED! Erica needs to go to counselling and never look back! 👀
04/27 23:04
On to the proposal #TemptationIsland
04/13 23:28
Thomas: acting hurt and betrayed by Chelsea... Meanwhile Thomas with Sophia every chance he gets: seriously?! wipe those tears sir! 😂 #TemptationIsland
04/13 23:08
Blake looks like a creep. #TemptationIsland
04/13 22:48
Singles should not be at risk of getting evicted off the island. That’s why they don’t call people out. Tula is exactly what we need. Speak the truth!! The only woman so far willing to call this man on his bullsh*t #TemptationIsland
03/30 22:38
I don’t see what Maya did wrong... if you went and got chicken it’s only right you let people who haven’t eaten get some before having seconds lmao #TemptationIsland
03/17 00:25
Erika: This bonfire can’t be worse All of us: #temptationisland
03/02 23:05
Nickole whuuuuuuuut...? #TemptationIsland