Trends on Batwoman

05/10 01:22
Luke name dropped Aquaman!!! #Batwoman
05/10 01:22
Alice really wants to forget Kate but does she REALLY want to forget Kate? #Batwoman
05/10 01:21
Whatever Black Mask intends to do with Kate, it won't work. Kate is as tough as they come. She survived a plane crash. I think she can endure Black Mask, even in her damaged state. #Batwoman
05/10 01:21
Everyone is super excited to finally have a Kate who can act but please this is Ryan's show now she is Batwoman I'm sorry they cast RR as batwoman and they finally cast a good actress but Ryan is amazing. The show has gone in a new direction. She's BW now. She's doing fantastic
05/10 01:21
no but the first time ryan called sophie “soph” it was their first scene and she was being patronizing and now she’s using the nickname in a soft genuine way I CANTTT #Batwoman
05/09 22:41
When Stephanie says “spoiler alert” #Batwoman
05/09 22:22
Mary gets in Batmobile 🦇🚗 #Batwoman #BatwomanCW 2x07
04/18 21:04
“You don’t need to learn how to fight. You need to learn how to feel.” Damn, Ocean is coming in hot with real world advice. #Batwoman
04/18 20:24
Poor Jacob trying to hold it together after getting bit by the snake @DougrayScott #Batwoman
04/11 22:02
Penny whistle. Penny loafer. I love Alice’s nicknames for Julia. #Batwoman
04/11 22:02
okay but like, taking on for profit prisons??? I appreciate the writers sometimes -Rachel #Batwoman
03/29 22:29
03/29 22:28
I saw some people asking how many episodes have the Arrowverse: The Flash S7 = 18 episodes Supergirl S6 = 20 episodes DC's Legends of Tomorrow S6 = 15 episodes Black Lightning S4 = 13 episodes Batwoman S2 = 19 episodes Stargirl S2 = 13 episodes Superman & Lois S1 = 15 episodes
03/28 22:03
Peter Outerbridge is already winning me over as Roman Sionis/Black Mask. His sham, pun-laden smarm just oozed out of the screen. I already love to hate him. #Batwoman
03/28 21:21
Me every time Angelique shows up #Batwoman
03/28 21:01
Jordan spent 5 secs with them and already picked up on the enemy to lovers vibes... yup the ship is sailing 👏🏾#batwoman
03/21 23:42
03/21 23:23
in honor of the new #batwoman casting here’s some of my favorite wallis day moments
03/21 23:03
Wait so they had a Kate Kane recast up in line but they decided to make a new Batwoman? I'm so confused...unless when Kate comes back there will be two Batwoman. ["Batwomen"] #Batwoman