Trends on Batwoman

03/01 00:22
Jacob: "Why does the sign say Mary Hamilton's super secret underground clinic?" Mary: #Batwoman
03/01 00:22
#Batwoman Ryan when the adrenaline kicked in
02/28 21:44
"We're in the middle of something" 😂 Alice is unintentionally funny. #Batwoman
02/28 21:44
Luke: What the hell?! #Batwoman #BatwomanCW 2x04
02/28 21:44
Sophie: Never touch my gun again! Sophie totally badass ❤️ #Batwoman #BatwomanCW 2x04
02/28 21:24
Crazy dude: Make an anecdote or Jacob dies #Batwoman fans:
02/21 22:21
ACAB- "All Crows Are Bastards." REAL SUBTLE, GUYS! #Batwoman
02/21 21:21
Ocean. Oh. Oh my. Let’s find him too...? #Batwoman
02/21 21:01
02/21 21:01
Evan Blake is the Wolf Spider in the comics. #Batwoman
02/21 20:41
Kate Kane/Batwoman doesn’t have a No-Gun rule in the comics or cartoons but the CW are Cowards
02/14 21:21
So that’s what happened to Kevin? #Batwoman
02/03 20:03
'Batwoman' gets renewed for season 3 and we didn't even get a whole season of 'Firefly'.
02/03 18:43
Batwoman, Superman & Lois, Black Lightning, The Flash... BUT WHEN LEGENDS OF TOMORROW I'm not longer patient
01/24 21:01
For a city that's so used to Batman by now, you'd think a swarm of bats would be no problem for Gotham's citizens. #Batwoman
01/24 20:21
Penny whistle. Penny loafer. I love Alice’s nicknames for Julia. #Batwoman
01/18 01:00
Luke having to open the entrance to the bat cave for Bruce. #Batwoman @CamrusJ
01/17 23:40
01/17 23:20
01/17 23:20