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05/09 18:04
oof, harsh dom #MrRobot
05/09 18:03
How @carlychaikin goes from so badass and put together to falling apart in the click of a mouse is stunning. She's right, we can't handle Darlene Alderson. #MrRobot
01/05 21:24
The only #GoldenGlobes nominee we truly care about tonight. Good luck Rami! You deserve this one. #MrRobot
12/24 00:21
Man. That #MrRobot finale.
12/24 00:21
*Dom shows up as a random cop* Elliot: #MrRobot
12/23 04:21
@AAOsAwesomeFans by far, best series EVER...I never get tired of watching it! #MrRobot
12/23 04:01
12/22 23:25
That was a brilliant ending. #MrRobot.
12/22 23:04
When Krista looked at us directly #MrRobot #MrRobotFinale
12/22 23:04
12/22 21:44
The end is here, friend. The 2-Hour #MrRobot Series Finale starts NOW on @USA_Network.
12/22 21:23
Ending Mr. Robot with “Mr. Roboto”. #MrRobot
12/22 21:02
It's nearly time to learn the truth, friend. The 2-Hour #MrRobot Series Finale starts in 30 MINUTES. 9/8c. @USA_Network.
12/16 00:43
Congratulations Tyrell stans. This was your night. #MrRobot
12/15 23:46
12/15 23:25
What will whiterose’s play be tonight? She has EVERYTHING to lose? Will we finally figure out her project (I have my theories)? #MrRobot #DatBot
12/08 23:44
Wasn't sure if I was supposed to yell get on the plane or get off the plane so I did both. And then yelled swears. Dammit, Esmail. #MrRobot
12/08 23:05
I want round the world adventures with Elliot, Darlene, Leon & Darlene RIGHT NOW #MrRobot
12/08 23:05
Sitting at my desk, eating a boring salad, thinking thoughts. 1) Rami is going to be an amazing, sexy villain; 2) I really am not fond of salads; 3) Will we ever get to read Irving’s novel “Beach Towel?” 4) What about the Mr. Robot comic? #RamiMalek #NoTimeToDie #MrRobot