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03/22 19:04
03/22 18:24
03/22 17:43
@Karnythia OMG, yes. My (much) younger siblings couldn't understand why I didn't give AF when our mother died this year. *I* was the one who bore the brunt of her drug-and-alcohol-fueled rages. Not them. #survivor #GenX
03/22 16:44
Jeff during AdvantageGeddon2 #Survivor #Survivor40
05/24 02:41
Such a fun way to spend the day! Congrats Kellyn on a great winning game, everyone who played with fun, positivity & force & the mods, casting & @OddreyM for organising this awesome game. You have a unique, innovative, amazing product here! #Survivor #sequester #sequestermini
05/24 02:41
Abi has made the Final 5 with 2 different #Survivor casts but keep saying she’s “not good at the game” #Sequester
05/23 21:42
Kellyn jumps into Room 3 as Abi pushed to get Kellyn out. Awkward... #Survivor #Sequester
05/15 20:02
05/15 20:01
05/15 20:01
Wait, me saying there would be a firemaking tiebreaker at the #Survivor Final 6 actually came true? That makes me 1 for 1000 in correct predictions! Bring out the confetti!
05/13 21:43
Me on the way to Fiji to vote out Tony and Ben myself #Survivor #WinnersatWar #Season40
05/13 20:42
Replay of Michele’s coin flip from last night on #Survivor. Anyone else think Jeff should have demanded to ACTUALLY flip it himself? #ChallengeMania
05/13 20:01
It's time for @FantasyAlarm After Hours w/ @FenstySports & @rotobuzzguy!! The guys break down updated #NFL Futures, dish out their #Survivor Finale DFS Lineups and Unleash the Fury!!
05/07 00:42
Watching the end of #Survivor wondering why everyone besides Michelle seems to be working their butts off to be the zero jury vote getter next to Sarah and Tony
05/06 20:01
Two hours of #Survivor during quarantine.
04/16 02:02
Me during the loved ones visit. #Survivor
04/16 01:03
I like this cast so much, that I hate when anyone gets voted off..ugh but why Tyson?! #Survivor
04/16 00:04
Also, to all the people who don’t like (or root against) Tony *solely* because he’s a cop. Yeah, Tony looked like a bastard of a human being in this episode with his family right? NOT. Seriously. FUCK YOU. #Survivor
04/16 00:04
The loved ones visit was very fun to watch but that’s two episodes in a row with a lot of missed strategy content. We have no idea where anyone actually stands. #Survivor