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03/18 19:23
@mexpride_80 @manarhttps @theabsurdhero @thefix @JohanLievens_ And the use of "News" in their name is intentionally misleading. It's embarrassing how much of the population literally believes that this is a legitimate news source and not the actual "entertainment" or "opinion" that it actually is.
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05/20 23:00
@say_naja @D_20013 Sevvy needed Annalise Keating to be his lawyer. She would have been figured this crap out. #TheFix
05/20 23:00
You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s episode of #TheFix. Gabe has a lot to say... and so does Maya. 10/9c.
05/13 23:20
When the stalker places his hand on Maya’s car.. Run Maya, Run!!!! @thefixabc #TheFix
05/13 23:20
Quit saying you loved Jessica, Sevvy. We don’t buy it. #TheFix
04/15 22:40
Just when Loni thought she was out!!! 😮 #thefix @thefixabc