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03/08 17:25
@LightsCameraPod Wow congrats to #TheMandalorian!!! Much deserved!!!
02/23 15:45
Golden Globes Nomination: Congrats to all #TheMandalorian team! @Jon_Favreau @dave_filoni @halhickel @MrPeytonReed @BryceDHoward @TheCarlWeathers @Rodriguez @RickFamuyiwa @PedroPascal1 @MissMistyRosas @kateesackhoff @SashaBanksWWE @quiethandfilms @MingNa @HamillHimself et al. 💚
02/23 15:44
“You can’t predict what’s going to happen... You can’t predict if people are going to participate... You can’t predict if there will be interference...”- Pedro Pascal #pedropascal #actor #themandalorian #thisistheway #kingsmen #agentwhiskey🥃 #inspiration
02/23 15:05
Spoke to my Dad today and instead of starting the conversation by asking how I was he said "The last episode of #TheMandalorian was so f**king good!"... Damn I love that my old man is a nerd like me.
02/11 13:21
If Gina Carano isn’t replaced by Lucy Lawless on #TheMandalorian, we riot.
02/11 06:01
What a great night to hear that Gina Carano got fired from The Mandalorian and then Pedro Pascal getting the role of Joel in The Last of Us show #TheMandalorian #TheLastOfUs
02/11 02:22
Cara Dune? More like Cara Done, amirite? #StarWars #TheMandalorian
02/10 22:06
Carasynthia Dune character concept art extracted from #TheMandalorian - The Gallery. How many of you out there want to see more @ginacarano & #CaraDune? Raise your hands using the #WeLoveCaraDune hashtag. We just want more! "I'm shooting my way out of here" - Cara Dune. 🥰
02/03 11:22
Congratulations @Jon_Favreau @dave_filoni and the talented #TheMandalorian team on today’s #GoldenGlobes nomination for Best Drama Series!
01/06 23:03
01/06 22:42
12/23 22:42
With Chapter 16: The Rescue concluding season 2 of #TheMandalorian, I'm interested but curious; what is your favourite soundtrack in Star Wars? 🤠 It can be from The Skywalker Saga, animated series or live-action shows! ⬇️ Victory Celebration is one of my favourite soundtracks!
12/21 12:46
I think #TheMandalorian season 3 will be full on Mando shenanigans. There's a reckoning to be had within his own clan. Din's removed his helmet a couple times now, he knows about "the cult" and will have to come to terms with that, but how will THEY react?
12/21 11:05
Favorite character coming out of #TheMandalorian has to be Boba Fett. The fact that he doesn't just hand out his loyalty to anyone, pledge to a cause. He looks out for himself, and that is smart stuff. So glad Boba is back.
12/21 08:43
The book of #BobaFett coming 2021 OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Boba is getting his own show! #TheMandalorian #mando #TheChild #Mandalorianspoilers #mandalorian
12/21 08:43
Also, Boba Fett in #TheMandalorian is SO MUCH MORE badass and interesting than the dude from the original trilogy Gen Xers were obsessed with. That dude was worthless and did nothing cool but get eaten
12/20 05:42
12/19 22:40
From #MarkHamill on Luke's return on #TheMandalorian , “The fact that we were able to keep my involvement a secret for over a year with no leaks is nothing less than a miracle. A real triumph for spoiler-haters everywhere!” ✨(Source: @HamillHimself.)
12/19 14:20
@themandalorian “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Din “brown eyes” Djarin is the best dad in the galaxy. ❤️ #TheMandalorian
12/18 19:20
#TheMandalorian I'll just be over here crying like a nerdy sap.... #Grogu That ending 🤯 Ugh this show is so good! My boy R2 though, those first little beeps made me cry a little more. #ThisIsTheWay