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05/10 00:22
Bradford: Hey Chen save me a dance. The Rookie Fandom: #Therookie #TheRookieFinale #chenford @Mel13Oneil @EricWinter1 @therookie #therookieabc #weddingoftheyear
05/10 00:22
His boot quit....Tim and Lucy partners era????? #TheRookie #Chenford
05/10 00:22
Chen and West #TheRookie
05/10 00:22
lucy smiling and thriving is exactly what I needed in my life today #therookie
05/09 23:24
It’s going to be so satisfying when Grey and Jackson take Stanton down. @therookie @richjonesactor @titusmakin #TheRookie
05/09 23:04
jackson grabbing stanton’s bodycam, he’s so smart #TheRookie
05/09 23:04
#TheRookie Nolan after seeing that live-stream
05/02 23:43
Ok. So I really hope Henry ends up being ok. But also, I kind of super really need some #Chenford scenes tonight😭😭😂😂 #TheRookie
05/02 23:23
05/02 23:01
Will Angela and Wesley be on the same page? Find out when #TheRookie premieres Sunday on ABC. @MissAlyssaDiaz @ShawnRAshmore
04/18 23:05
Who are you and what did you do with Bradford… #TheRookie
04/04 23:21
Once again, Lopez showing how amazing she is on the job #TheRookie @therookie
03/28 23:43
Probably me next Sunday after actually watching the episode and not just the promo after getting so excited about it...😂😂😂😂 #TheRookie #Chenford
03/28 23:02
If they make Oscar cameo at least once a season. I’ll die happy lol #TheRookie
02/21 22:41
Welcome to the team, Detective Harper! #TheRookie
02/14 23:21
Tim is gonna punch Doug’s lights out at some point and frankly I can’t wait to see it. #TheRookie
01/04 00:00
Me reacting to Nick Armstrong actually being a mole.💔 #TheRookie
01/04 00:00
Anyone want a call from Rosalind? 🤣 😈 #TheRookie @therookie
04/05 22:42
Did the guy with the snake really thought it wasn't going to bite him?? #TheRookie
03/22 23:22
I’m just gonna say this whole Rachel thing is because of his denial about his real feelings for Chen 🤷🏻‍♀️ #TheRookie @therookie