Trends on The Rookie

02/28 23:43
uhhhhm Lucy asking someone out?! what happened to Emmett?! WHAT ABOUT TIM?! #TheRookie
02/28 23:43
Lucy: Do you wanna go out later? Guy: God yes! Us including Tim Bradford: #therookie #chenford #Tucy
02/21 23:22
The recognition John Nolan deserves. 👏 #TheRookie
02/21 23:22
Me when anyone tries to tell me that Bradford only cares about Chen in a “friend” way #TheRookie @therookie
02/21 22:41
Welcome to the team, Detective Harper! #TheRookie
02/14 23:41
It’s going to be so satisfying when Grey and Jackson take Stanton down. @therookie @richjonesactor @titusmakin #TheRookie
02/14 23:41
jackson grabbing stanton’s bodycam, he’s so smart #TheRookie
02/14 23:21
Tim is gonna punch Doug’s lights out at some point and frankly I can’t wait to see it. #TheRookie
01/17 23:01
We aren’t fans of how Angela is being treated. She earned that spot which means she’s earned respect. @MissAlyssaDiaz @therookie #TheRookie
01/04 00:00
Me reacting to Nick Armstrong actually being a mole.💔 #TheRookie
01/04 00:00
Anyone want a call from Rosalind? 🤣 😈 #TheRookie @therookie
01/03 23:01
Will Angela and Wesley be on the same page? Find out when #TheRookie premieres Sunday on ABC. @MissAlyssaDiaz @ShawnRAshmore
04/26 23:00
YES Officer Lopez 👊 #TheRookie
04/12 23:22
But he sure can wear a suit. Truth. Bradford looks good. #TheRookie
04/05 22:42
Did the guy with the snake really thought it wasn't going to bite him?? #TheRookie
03/22 23:22
I’m just gonna say this whole Rachel thing is because of his denial about his real feelings for Chen 🤷🏻‍♀️ #TheRookie @therookie
03/08 23:21
Spotted, Pete Davidson! 🤩 #TheRookie
03/01 23:22
Thank goodness Henry and Abigail are safe. #TheRookie
01/14 20:08
01/13 23:05