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02/28 20:44
Joe Biden should send Lesley Stahl a fruit basket to thank her for doing what the debate moderators didn’t do 😏#60Minutes
02/28 20:44
The Trump administration handed President Biden a calamity when it came to Iran. #60Minutes
02/22 01:20
POEM Always-darkest before the dawn America never seemed—bleaker After a -psycho President Sent a 👉crazed—mob 2 get our Speaker #NancyPelosi will have the last—laugh #Trump leaves soon—so a 2nd #impeachment comes fast #60Minutes #NoFlyList #MAGATerrorist good safe healthy 😷
02/21 23:41
@POTUS Assad and Putin need to be held accountable for murdering children. Destroy them. #Assad #60Minutes @60Minutes
02/21 23:22
Is the irony apparent to anyone else when 1 in 5 Catholics and 1 and 4 evangelical Protestants believe in the pedophilia cult Qanon? The call is literally coming from inside the house. #60Minutes
02/21 22:03
Watching #60Minutes and it still blows my mind how parts of the world can still turn a blind eye to the numerous DOCUMENTED atrocities that Assad has committed in Syria yet nothing has happened.
02/21 20:01
Watching 60 Minutes segment on the rise in threats against federal judges. Why do people continue to insist that threats of violence and terroristic language directed at specific individuals and/or groups is protected under the First Amendment? #60Minutes
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01/17 21:42
So much to learn from Alex Smith. When asked why he mentored Patrick Mahomes, "I signed up to play a team sport, and I was going to do my part." #selfless #60Minutes
01/17 20:01
The interview on #60Minutes with the former Capitol Police chief was quite telling. The slow down on getting the National Guard deployed is an issue. The reason behind this will be found. The people behind that will be found. The truth will come out 🤨
01/12 11:43
@RepSwalwell The call to Georgia’s SoS is enough to impeach on my book! If we ignore that is enough to feel like a traitor! #60minutes
01/12 05:22
Pelosi just called Trump a handmaiden of Putin and he can’t tweet about it at her. #60Minutes
01/12 03:02
@KellieADennis74 @SpeakerPelosi Love You Nancy! @SpeakerPelosi good job on 60 minutes💙 Nancy is on fire go Nancy go!!!💙 #60Minutes Leslie was annoying
01/11 15:42
I’m still wondering what made Leslie Stahl turn the interview in the direction of cattiness and finger pointing...totally out of line lady! #60Minutes
01/11 01:41
@FruitKace An armed crowd just tried to assassinate her and her staff had to hide under the table for 2 hours while they screamed "c*nt" and "fvcjing bi*ch" and Leslie Stahl said she was being *sharp*. Like, wtf?! #60Minutes
01/10 22:41
I had to catch myself MULTIPLE times during this interview and remind myself Lesley Stahl is somebody’s nana.... #60Minutes
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