Trends on 60 Minutes

05/25 13:04
@glaad “#60Minutes heard concerns from several trans leaders and, after spending months on the segment, they delivered a piece which still promulgates” So 60M heard the threats from the trans lobby but still chose to give a tiny segment to some ppl who were harmed by this BS.
05/24 18:02
@60Minutes Well there you go.. more evidence that #FoxNews & #Republicans are spreading misinformation that causes our government not to be prepared for a pandemic.. & y’all telling me sane, reasonable people are still voting for that.. Man that’s the most anti patriotic thing.. #60Minutes
05/23 22:22
@60Minutes Like the people interviewed for this segment, I did not learn about the Tulsa Greenwood Massacres, aka Black Wall St in school. I learned on my on, after reading about Rosewood. How many more Rosewoods and Greenwoods are out there? #60Minutes
05/17 15:02
Aliens in UFOs come and jack off to us. Once they finish they bounce. That’s pretty much it. #UFOs #60minutes #mysterysolved
05/16 23:03
I wish a UFO would take Marco Rubio off of our hands. #60Minutes
05/09 20:40
This @60Minutes Ritchie Boy story is fascinating. #60Minutes
05/09 20:40
#60Minutes The story of The Ritchie Boys was fascinating to learn about.
05/09 20:01
#60minutes. I don’t believe 25% of Australians now trade in Bitcoin. 25% wouldn’t even know what it is.
05/03 00:22
#60minutes just proved how petty our leaders are… you would think by now they would attempt to move our “Made in China” products back home to help “build America” and decrease unemployment… but they can’t because they get paid to hold us back and screw over the poor
04/18 22:45
#60minutes I watched Atlantic Crossing, and it struck me that any time in history you have a racist bigot in power, white-nationalistic ideology, and slogans like America First, its a sure sign that the world is going to shit.
04/18 21:44
#60minutes The Oathkeepers are an organized terrorist faction controlled by a major political party that is controlled by 2 losers in the Philippines who made money off gullible Americans who tried to overthrow our government. Yeah, this is how stupid America has become.
04/18 19:41
What exactly is a well regulated militia, and why are The Oath Keepers automatically treated as such? #60Minutes
04/11 21:23
I came for #TheEqualizer .. ended up getting emotional .. missing #Prince #60Minutes .. I wasn’t expecting this..
04/11 20:21
I don't remember ever hearing a fed chair as bullish as Jay Powell was about America's economic recovery. #60Minutes
04/07 08:42
04/07 01:42
Pay to play covid-19 vaccinations for rich people brought to you by Ron DeSantis of Florida on #60Minutes right now
04/06 21:48
🔥#BREAKING Unreleased Video of Lindsey Graham on Fox News 🔥 His exclusive interview with #TheUnknownResister on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace was watching #60Minutes with Fauci 🤣 👉Please consider giving us a follow @StandForBetter #wtpBlue #Fresh #DemVoice1
04/06 17:22
live look at Carla in Publix crisis-PR #60Minutes
04/06 14:23
POEM Always-darkest before the dawn America never seemed—bleaker After a -psycho President Sent a 👉crazed—mob 2 get our Speaker #NancyPelosi will have the last—laugh #Trump leaves soon—so a 2nd #impeachment comes fast #60Minutes #NoFlyList #MAGATerrorist good safe healthy 😷
04/06 00:02
The Mayor of West Palm Beach, where the median income is 28,000,has criticized Florida for giving an initial allocation of vaccines to the city’s wealthier neighbor, Palm Beach. The county says the allocation resulted from a “miscommunication.” #60Minutes