Trends on Prodigal Son

03/03 01:22
If they make us wait until after the hiatus to find out who else Ainsley killed... #ProdigalSon
03/03 01:22
In which Malcolm is completely clueless, and Dani is downright glowing. 🥰😍 #ProdigalSon #Brightwell
03/03 00:03
April 13th?! I have to wait that long after that promo #prodigalson
03/02 23:23
#ProdigalSon Yes, the storyline with Dr. Capshaw might be weird BUT it's two great actors playing off each other and I don't think it will be romantic. Come on - Martin is a psychopath! I think she'll just end up admiring him as a Dr. and then he'll stab her in the back.
03/02 22:05
Dani ain’t playin #ProdigalSon @AuroraPerrineau
03/02 21:46
This is the worst cooking show ever 😂 I agree @AuroraPerrineau #ProdigalSon
03/02 21:46
BIRDIE: Is it always like this? JESSICA: Not at all. NARRATOR: All the time. @TheRachelYork @BellamyYoung @prodigalsonfox #ProdigalSon
03/02 21:45
It’s the “just put it on my tab” for me #prodigalson
03/02 21:26
Thrilled to get in a Q to @KeikoAgena who apparently emails the EPs with A LOT of ideas for Edrisa. There will be a bit more of an Edrisa-centric episode coming up (E209) & we'll meet some of her friends on the outside #ProdigalSon @prodigalsonfox
02/16 22:44
@LouDPhillips @AuroraPerrineau @justanactor @prodigalsonfox @ProdigalWriters I am the biggest softie for Aurora's acting & you weren't lying when you said she was "luminous" in this episode. Legitimate tears multiple times. The Brightwell storyline was torturous. So proud of all of this cast & crew. 😭😭😭 #prodigalson #renewprodigalson
02/16 22:04
Papa Gil to the rescue. I missed this “father/son” duo. #ProdigalSon
02/09 22:23
I’m sorry but I lack the mental capacity to process this episode so I’ll rewatch tomorrow but for now I’m gonna try and go to bed and not think about that Jessica side eye while laying next to her killer daughter and hope I don’t have a nightmare from it #ProdigalSon
02/09 21:44
Yeah. That's...creepy af. #ProdigalSon @prodigalsonfox @ProdigalWriters @justanactor @FrankHartsTruly
02/09 21:44
@DianaLehotsky @prodigalsonfox @ProdigalWriters @justanactor We got quite good at it. Since I hate dolls, she managed to freak me out a few times, lol. #ProdigalSon
02/02 21:42
BURT: It's gold! You killed Jerry! @justanactor @prodigalsonfox #ProdigalSon
01/20 13:02
01/19 21:44
"why are you in body armor" "because you're asleep" #prodigalson
01/19 21:43
Nahhhh leave Norman alone. Noooooo thanks. #ProdigalSon
01/19 21:23
"Does he let you wear his turtlenecks?" THIS LINE WINS THE INTERNET FOR TODAY, @halstonsage @justanactor #ProdigalSon @prodigalsonfox @ProdigalWriters
01/12 21:43
Donna Summer disco and a confession in a sex dungeon. Awesomeness! I love Gil & Jessica together if it comes into fruition. #ProdigalSon