Trends on Basketball Wives

03/24 01:02
I guess everyone forgot the Jackie’s daughter basically accused her of colorism a few years ago. #BasketballWives
03/23 21:26
Feby not even the star of her own storyline 😬 Yikes! #BasketballWives
03/23 21:07
I want Jennifer and Evelyn to be cool again season 10 #BasketballWives
03/23 21:06
03/17 01:41
I feel like OG took on colorism cause it was trendy for her as a storyline but it got too big for her. She lost steam in the end and was grasping for straws to hold her point #bbwla #BasketballWives
03/17 01:41
OG sound dumb as hell! She said that everyone is a colorist, including herself!! What?!?! #BasketballWives
03/17 00:23
Shaunie needs to go ahead and give OG that Brandi Maxiel speech #BasketballWives #BBWLA
03/09 20:25
So Malaysia you're Scared to be around "Aggressive" OG but ok with being around "Aggressive" Evelyn who's been beating folks up for 5 seasons #BasketballWives #BBWives
03/02 21:25
Take a shot every time jen says “I’m not going over there” #basketballwivesla #BasketballWives
03/02 21:04
So Liza’s whole storyline gonna be about Lamar jr.’s college fund #BasketballWives
03/02 20:23
OG didn’t like what Kristen had to say because she wasn’t kissing her ass and taking her side. #BBWLA #BasketballWives
02/23 21:03
@BasketballWives Ok Jennifer !!!!! “Anit no code for these hoes”
02/23 20:42
Girl u know Lamar spent that money on hoes and drugs. 🥴 #BasketballWives
10/09 21:25
OG and CeCe leaving the #BBWReunion Gang Gang!😂 #BasketballWives
10/09 21:03
Ok @ShaunieONeal I see what u did, u knew this reunion was boring and needed Savin so u leave the stage run upstairs and call @iHeartOG quickly to come back and save the show #BasketballWives #BasketBallWivesReunion