Trends on Basketball Wives

03/03 00:22
In their moment Jackie has been called aggressive among countless other names. Malaysia as well, even called her ghetto. Tami as well in some instances. Like ... no smh. No. #bbwla #BasketballWives
03/03 00:22
#BasketballWives wait, did OG say that the girls don’t know what colorism means, when she is misusing the word herself? Oh girl, sit down.
03/02 21:25
Take a shot every time jen says “I’m not going over there” #basketballwivesla #BasketballWives
03/02 21:25
Malaysia why do you need Evelyn to be your messenger ? #BasketballWives
03/02 21:04
So Liza’s whole storyline gonna be about Lamar jr.’s college fund #BasketballWives
03/02 20:23
OG didn’t like what Kristen had to say because she wasn’t kissing her ass and taking her side. #BBWLA #BasketballWives
02/24 00:41
To see so many black women defend the likes of Evelyn Lozada is crazy to me. She wouldn't spit on half of you if you were on fire. #BasketballWives
02/23 21:44
That’s that bullshit tami was talking about with Shaunie #BasketballWives
02/23 21:03
@BasketballWives Ok Jennifer !!!!! “Anit no code for these hoes”
02/23 20:42
Girl u know Lamar spent that money on hoes and drugs. 🥴 #BasketballWives
02/10 00:02
Can someone tell me what Feby brings to the show? No shade! #bbwla #BasketballWives
10/09 21:25
OG and CeCe leaving the #BBWReunion Gang Gang!😂 #BasketballWives
10/09 21:03
Ok @ShaunieONeal I see what u did, u knew this reunion was boring and needed Savin so u leave the stage run upstairs and call @iHeartOG quickly to come back and save the show #BasketballWives #BasketBallWivesReunion