Trends on 48 Hours

01/23 23:20
Dawn says she kept quiet when fiancee revealed he committed murder because she was pregnant, about to get married and her baby deserved to grow up in a loving family. Her idea of a loving family is so screwed up! #48hours
11/28 23:20
I can’t believe the complete incompetence of the police in this episode #48hours
11/14 23:20
Jim will die in prison. #48hours
11/07 23:20
#48hours DNA matched??
10/31 23:20
Yah, no sympathy for Michelle whatsoever. #48Hours
10/10 23:20
Can someone ask these defense attorneys how do they sleep at night Please sir enlighten us on how that many uses of the N-word can be taken out of context. #48hours @48hours
10/10 23:20
So now Ahmaud tried to steal Bryan's truck... the truck used to hit him and keep him from getting away. These racists don't quit. #48HOurs #AhmaudArbery
10/03 23:20
It boils my blood that ppl do fck’d up stuff in the name of God. Here’s something for Lori.... #48hours
09/12 23:20
That is the double life I felt Dave was living #48Hours
09/12 09:20
07/18 23:20
05/16 23:40
The Mom & Sister Sound so STUPID and I can’t get past the mom’s 🤡 makeup #48hours
05/16 23:20
Why are the kids stuff in a storage container if they are alive? Things that they need? #48Hours
05/16 23:20
Happy Mother’s Day!! #48Hours
05/03 00:00
Wow. Mary Day just magically popped up right after police question the mother! What are the odds?? #48Hours
04/25 23:20
It sounds like Orlando was a little insane for a while. #48hours
04/18 23:40
Why don’t that guy think it was Kim Hallock. I was bout to say something real mean #48hours
04/18 23:40
What everyone watching wants for this prosecutor right now... #48hours
04/11 23:00
Ted Bundy thought he was the smartest person to ever walk the planet. Yet he left a bite mark on a victim which came back to bite him in the ass. #48Hours
04/04 23:20
Had to pour another double Disaronno & Coke, I am going to have to drink like Sue to get through another interview with Caroline #48Hours