Trends on 48 Hours

05/22 23:20
Turns out the treasure was Darwin Awards. #48Hours
05/15 23:20
This was a good one, I am really conflicted as to whether Brandon was involved or not #48Hours @EFMoriarty
05/08 23:20
#48Hours It’s not COVID it’s DAVID
05/01 23:20
He will still be found guilty with another trial #48hours
05/01 23:20
@rexthetvterrier @48hours @JonVigliotti Amber Frey plans to testify again if Peterson is retried according to her Attny #48hours
05/01 23:20
So wait Scott’s sister-in-law has become a detective but yet has no sympathy for the death of Lacey and Connor...#48hours
04/24 23:20
They can't find the dog!!?? Lord... #48Hours
04/24 23:20
"Dani is a nice person?" #48hours
04/17 23:20
What everyone watching wants for this prosecutor right now... #48hours
03/27 23:21
Pankey’s voice sounds like that of a serial killer. #48hours
01/23 23:20
Dawn says she kept quiet when fiancee revealed he committed murder because she was pregnant, about to get married and her baby deserved to grow up in a loving family. Her idea of a loving family is so screwed up! #48hours
11/28 23:20
I can’t believe the complete incompetence of the police in this episode #48hours
11/14 23:20
Jim will die in prison. #48hours
11/07 23:20
#48hours DNA matched??
10/31 23:20
Yah, no sympathy for Michelle whatsoever. #48Hours
10/10 23:20
Can someone ask these defense attorneys how do they sleep at night Please sir enlighten us on how that many uses of the N-word can be taken out of context. #48hours @48hours
10/10 23:20
So now Ahmaud tried to steal Bryan's truck... the truck used to hit him and keep him from getting away. These racists don't quit. #48HOurs #AhmaudArbery
10/03 23:20
It boils my blood that ppl do fck’d up stuff in the name of God. Here’s something for Lori.... #48hours
09/12 23:20
That is the double life I felt Dave was living #48Hours
09/12 09:20