Trends on Real Time with Bill Maher

02/27 01:21
I usually at least somewhat enjoy his show, but the only good part of this episode was Jon Tester. He had the wrong approach with the new rules segment and that interview with Megyn Kelly was one of his worst interviews. Made my head hurt. #RealTime
01/23 02:40
The black man on #RealTimewithBillMaher was a better dressed version of Tim Scott. Same corny voice, smile, and disliked by Black people. Although the flannel shirt, sweater, and jean jacket was a bit much for indoors in Cali. #realtime
01/23 02:40
Yeah Kmele Foster can go back to the hole he came from. This dude be hanging out with Kardashian Kanye way too much. @RealTimers #RealTimewithBillMaher #RealTime
01/16 03:00
@billmaher no one gives a shit about what the Crypt Keeper’s sister has to say. You should’ve booked her husband George instead. Or fuck...#KellyannConway’s DAUGHTER Claudia would’ve made a better guest! #Trump #RealTime #RealTimewithBillMaher
01/16 01:21
.@RealTimers I waited 2 months for this? I was so excited for the return of #realtime and we get KellyAnne "COVID" Conway.
11/13 22:43
I have second hand embarrassment for Jenna Ellis. I cringe. #RealTime
10/30 23:22
@RealTimers @billmaher @alfranken @jheil @Lis_Smith @SangerNYT @HBO Every time I see Al Franken , I always flash back to this 😂 #RealTime
08/28 23:21
Trey Gowdy now looks like a gay, hipster bodybuilder #RealTime
07/23 21:01
06/19 23:40
Why the fuck does Andrew Sullivan keep interrupting Malcolm Nance? Can he just shut the fuck up....literally!! Oh and no surprise Andrew racist gay Sullivan is no #BLM supporter. Good thing is we don’t need him! #realtime @RealTimers
05/09 00:20
Justin? No, no, no , no and no. #RealTime
05/09 00:20
#RealTime Justin Amash is an annoying man.
04/17 23:20
I hate the Senator Dan Crenshaw angle... Oh, hey...I’m so reasonable...I’m such a nice guy... As I support and enable a madman traitor who is actively burning our country to the ground. We see you and you’re disgusting. #RealTime #BillMaher #TrumpBurialPits
02/28 23:22
So...apparently there’s a flesh and blood person wandering around using the name Buck Sexton On purpose #RealTime #BillMaher #doucheberger
02/15 00:41
@BernieSanders #Bernie, still no results from Caucus, even though #Democrats claimed 2 have #RealTime results. Really? Again, party of #Liars+#Cheaters have thumb on scale, against u. How much u gonna take? #AmericaFirst #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #TrumpPence2020 #KAGA2020 #1A #2A #WalkAway
02/14 23:22
"This is gonna be by far the oldest Democratic field ever – it could come down to Bloomberg, Biden, Bernie, and Tom Steyer. I don’t know what the debates are gonna be like, but it won’t be a pissing contest." – @BillMaher #RealTime
02/14 22:42
"I think you could be the dark horse." – @BillMaher to Sen. @AmyKlobuchar, 10/11/2019 Amy K returns to #RealTime this Friday at 10PM!
02/07 23:41
Omfg Bill... Steve Bannon? ....fucking why? America hasn’t been disgusted enough this week? @billmaher #RealTime #hbo
01/31 22:42
Who knew Mayor Pete was funny? #RealTime
01/24 23:21
Megyn Kelly pretending to be a fair and objective journalist and Bill Maher is lapping it up with a spoon. #RealTime