Trends on BattleBots

02/25 22:23
@BattleBots alright that first hit was very much in gruff's favor, but bloodsport eventually controlled the rest of the match
02/25 22:23
Witch Doctor might need a parachute 🪂 #BattleBots
02/25 22:03
Copperhead practicing for Sunday’s #SuperBowl where he will be the kicker for the @Buccaneers #BattleBots
02/25 22:02
Can Gruff get the suplex!?!? #BattleBots
02/25 22:02
For the record (you don’t see it on the show) but we did get Fusion off the top of Tantrum to confirm the KO. #BattleBots
02/25 21:44
How on earth is Shatter gonna hit Mammoth? #battlebots
02/25 21:43
02/25 21:43
Oh! Kraken getting Brazilian hot waxed #BattleBots
02/25 20:42
Donald Hutson checking out Shatter! before the big match. What do you think they are discussing? #BattleBots
02/18 22:22
For the love of the Battle Bot God's, please let Hypershock win this fight. @BattleBots #BattleBots #Hypershock #Hydra
02/18 21:42
02/18 21:42
Literally flight of the Valkyrie #BattleBots
02/18 21:22
Apropos of nothing... ...Beta's driver reminds me of Colin Mochrie. #BattleBots
02/18 20:40
Strap in, it's time for Tombstone vs MadCatter! #BattleBots
02/18 20:40
Envisioning the flight time between bots if it’s Tombstone v Uppercut...#BattleBots
02/11 21:01
Don’t worry BotFans, you can catch more Rusty on BattleBots: Bounty Hunters streaming in a few weeks on @discoveryplus #BattleBots
02/04 21:01
Chomp marking her territory #BattleBots
01/28 22:21
01/28 21:21
What an upset! The “bot on a budget” Jackpot is undefeated and sitting at 3-0. Can’t wait to see what it can do in the Round of 32... 🎰 #BattleBots
01/14 21:01
Edward Robinson class act #sharko #BattleBots