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03/11 22:43
03/11 22:43
The season finale of #BattleBots is tonight! We're taking on End Game in the Elite 8 as we attempt to bring home the Giant Nut to Brooklyn! Thanks to our sponsors for helping us build an epic bot his year! @PRISMIER @TMSTitanium @MaxAmps
03/11 22:24
Congrats to our friends on #endgame in #Battlebots ! Great robot and amazing way to finish off to the Giant Nut ! #NewZealand #Kiwi #OyesRobotics
03/11 21:43
A nice little punch from Tantrum #BattleBots
03/11 21:25
Hydra on spring break getting hammered and screwed. #BattleBots
03/11 21:03
@BattleBots Most Destructive: Uppercut. After the Sawblaze fight this shouldn't even be a question. Founders Award: Rusty. He captured our hearts. Rookie: Jackpot. After knocking off veterans like Ghost Raptor and Lockjaw he deserves it Best Design: Smeeeeeeeee. For the uniqueness!
03/11 20:45
@BattleBots can u help me does ribbot have a twitter account?? Because i wanna follow i am a huge fan of the ribbots #fan #frogbot
03/11 20:44
@BattleBots RIP my tournament bracket. Thanks Shatter! #BattleBots
03/11 20:44
I love Ribbot. I want Ribbot to win. But I'm 100% sure the judges call will be unanimous for Black Dragon and I ain't even mad. That was damn impressive #BattleBots
03/04 22:21
Griddle me this Mammoth #BattleBots
03/04 22:21
Sparks fly as Rotator & Jackpot meet in the arena! #BattleBots
03/04 21:42
Poppa Tombstone #BattleBots
03/04 21:21
Props to Gigabyte for lasting the entire 3 minutes. #BattleBots
03/04 20:42
Witch Doctor might need a parachute 🪂 #BattleBots
03/04 20:41
Envisioning the flight time between bots if it’s Tombstone v Uppercut...#BattleBots
02/25 22:23
@BattleBots alright that first hit was very much in gruff's favor, but bloodsport eventually controlled the rest of the match
02/25 22:03
Copperhead practicing for Sunday’s #SuperBowl where he will be the kicker for the @Buccaneers #BattleBots
02/25 22:02
Can Gruff get the suplex!?!? #BattleBots
02/25 22:02
For the record (you don’t see it on the show) but we did get Fusion off the top of Tantrum to confirm the KO. #BattleBots
02/25 21:43
Oh! Kraken getting Brazilian hot waxed #BattleBots