Trends on Madam Secretary

12/09 00:44
Woke up one last time just before the finale. It's 4.30 in the morning and I haven't set my alarm clock once for this show. Natural rhythm I guess. Sure gonna miss this show terribly. Gonna feel empty after this last one #MadamSecretary
12/09 00:05
Same Russell... Same. #MadamSecretary
12/02 00:42
142 days ago @erichbergen and the others announced M’sec was coming back for its 6th and final season!! Now look at just TWO DAYS before the beginning of the end 😭😭😭 Someone hold me while I sob. MADAM PRESIDENT IS COMING FOR US ❤️❤️ @MadamSecHQ @MadamSecretary
11/04 00:03
WOW, next week's episode! 😱 right now all I know is the title 'Daisy' but CBS hasn't released a press release yet. Hopefully, they will tomorrow with promotional photos. #MadamSecretary
10/06 23:45
This conversation turned out just the way Elizabeth wanted it to. 😂 #MadamSecretary #RenewMadamSecretary
10/06 23:25
Before season 6 start next week.. #ThrowbackThursday to these Henry & Elizabeth McCord kisses. #MadamSecretary ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ... "Man beside the woman.."
05/09 17:03
Hello @CBS, can you renewed @MadamSecretary ASAP ? Please. Thanks. #MadamSecretary
04/22 00:20
Dear @CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBSTweet: Please we waiting for new season @MadamSecretary. Please just renew our show because so many stories and international issues that need to show. Thank you & God bless. Sincerity, Den #MadamSecretary #RenewMadamSecretary
04/21 22:40
I don't know what to caption this and I know I tweet about Madam Secretary a lot but sorry not sorry also Blake and Elizabeth are 2 of my favorite characters just putting that out there :) #RenewMadamSecretary @CBS @erichbergen @MadamSecretary